2015 KiteFoil Gold Cup Tour will kick off in Baja California

Hydrofoiling Kiteboards will be on display at the world’s premier sailing destinations beginning
in March 2015. Marking the second year of hydrofoiling proliferance, kiteboard racing has
gained popularity with a variety of athletes. Sailboat racers, trick riders, and speed demons have
gravitated toward this fleet due to its raw performance and good-natured competition. The 2015
tour will be comprised of four stops including: La Ventana Mexico, San Francisco USA,

Townsville Australia, and a European event to be announced shortly. The planet’s best
competitors will vie for the title of KiteFoil Gold Cup champion, a title won by Johnny Heineken
on the inaugural tour in 2014.

With over seventy riders from nineteen countries, last year’s tour was highly contested as a
different sailor won each of the three tour stops. Rapid development of equipment and
athleticism have enabled these sailors to perform at speeds which rival the finest America’s Cup
sailing yachts. Californian sailor Joey Pasquali has been training against Oracle’s turbo foiling
AC45 in San Francisco Bay and reports, “We’re (foil boards) a touch faster up the track and
they’re (AC45 Turbo) a touch faster off the breeze.” The 2015 KiteFoil Gold Cup tour will
certainly be one to watch as these sailors push the envelope of performance on this modest

The tour is run under the guidance of the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) and
Technical Director Robbie Dean. IKA has partnered with Playa Central Beach Club, St. Francis
Yacht Club, and Townsville Sailing Club to provide the backbone for each of the events. A
French tour stop had originally been in the planning but unfortunate circumstances inside the
French federations prohibited a tour stop in the motherland of hydrofoiling kiteboards.
Stay tuned as these sailors hoot and howl their way around the course… on one of the fastest
wind powered watercrafts in the world.

Hydrofoiling Kiteboard statistics:
Top Speed: 42.8 knots
Upwind speed: 21 knots
Downwind Speed: 32 knots
Upwind VMG: 14 knots
Downwind VMG: 20 knots
Sailors: Top notch

Information regarding the KiteFoil Gold Cup tour can be found at www.kitefoilgoldcup.com
Press contact:
IKA Head Office
Rohrbecker Weg 43
14612 Falkensee, Germany