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  • KiteFoil Gold Cup La Ventana

    The first day of the KiteFoil Gold Cup La Ventana was mental. With forty-four of the top, top foiling kiters and straight-line speeds now quadrupling the windspeed, the kickoff to this tour did not disappoint. The conditions were a little light and dicey today so it’s still anyone’s guess who is currently the best foiling kiteboarder on the planet. But one thing is certain, La Ventana is a sailors paradise.

    Today’s Opening Ceremony featured six local middle school girls marching the Mexican flag onto the field in perfect form, emulating the nature of this tour. Riders in perfect form, on a simple windward/leeward course, and at the end of the day it’s a modest group of individuals outperforming sailing’s best. Since the 2014 tour finale in October the athletes have refined their skills and the equipment has advanced at the same rate. And don’t be fooled by the laid-back beach lifestyle of this sport; these people are gamers, most of which are on the water training seven days a week.

    The French Team seemed to own the finicky breeze of Day 1 by filling out the top three positions. Just like always Julien Kuernier came out firing scoring a 1,2,2 and owns the top position on the leaderboard. Nicolas Parlier with a 2,7,1 and Maxime Nocher with a 5,1,6 rounded out second and third. Fourteen year-old Daniela Moroz (USA) is the top female and Sebastian Dol (FRA) is the top master. The first two days of racing is a qualifying series with plans to break the fleet into gold and silver on Day 3. This group of competitors is seriously stacked. Full time professionals are worrying about making Gold fleet and exclaiming that the competition level has gone astronomic. A little more light and fluky predicted for qualification sailing but breeze-on for the Gold/Silver fleet sailing on Thursday through Saturday.

    After a sun-soaked day on the water sailors are now being treated to the world’s best margaritas and dinner at Playa Central Beach Club. The DJ starts at 9pm and it’s safe to assume that the stoke will carry well into the evening here in Baja. Stay tuned to Playa Central Kiteboarding’s event page for all the latest news, photos, and results.

    Playa Central Beach Club Webpage:
    Results Page (Qualifications Series):
    Live Race Updates:
    High Quality Event Photos:
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    Nico Parlier wins overall title at the kickoff of the KiteFoil Gold Cup tour in Baja, Mexico
    Sailed in La Ventana, Baja California the five-day event (March 24-29) was comprised of a twoday
    qualifying series and a three-day championship series. Twenty-two sailors qualified to be in
    the championship group “Gold Fleet” and to compete for the overall event title.

    Nico Parlier, hailing from France won the qualifying series with Monoco sailor Maxime Nocher, fellow
    Frenchman Julien Kerneur, and 2014 tour champion John Heineken all close behind. In the
    qualifying series individuals sail conservatively to ensure their spot in the championship series.
    Make no mistakes and try not to get caught in a foul, that’s the mantra in the qualifications. But
    once championship series sailing begins it is game on. And although Parlier won the qualifying
    series by a few points over his rivals, it was still anyone’s guess as to who would win the event

    The Championship series began with a scoreboard wiped nearly clean as qualifying scores were
    reduced to only one non-discardable score. Eleven races would be sailed for the upcoming
    championship series and Parlier started with one point, Nocher with two, Kerneur with three, and
    Heineken with four. Axel Mazella (FRA) and Joey Pasquali (USA) started the series with a five
    and a six respectively. Conditions in the qualifying were light to moderate with a light onshore
    easterly. Mexican competitor Santiago Ramirez gasped as he returned to the beach, “the level is
    so much higher” pointing out that riders are faster and more stable around the course. Sailors
    mostly used their “big kites” sized 15m2 to 18m2 but with a stronger wind forecast and the newly
    cleaned scoreboard the stage was set for the nail-biter of a championship.

    This fully developmental fleet is witnessing an intense flurry of equipment advancements. New
    hydrofoils moreover new kites (sails) were debuted down here in Mexico at this tour kickoff
    regatta. To that end, Playa Central Beach Club produced a “Foil Expo” in the two days prior to
    the event. Hydrofoil manufacturers, kite builders, and board shapers were all invited to show off
    their new products for 2015. As pro riders prepared for the regatta the new gear and sailors were
    buzzing up and down the beach at speeds which seemed even faster than just a few months

    Sailing a simple two-lap windward/leeward course at 1.1-1.4 nautical miles from top to bottom
    these sailors are burning out races in fifteen minutes time. Split tacks and split jibes, occasionally
    port tacking the fleet, shift leverage, mark roundings, and maneuvers are all part of this game.
    And speed, don’t forget speed. For the first time ever the hydrofoiling kiteboard broke the fifteen
    knot upwind vmg mark, and it was done racing in eight-knots of wind. Downwind sailing in 7-8
    knots is producing straight-line speed of twenty-nine knots, almost quadruple.

    The championship (Gold Fleet) series did not disappoint. Four light air races were sailed on the
    first day of championship racing ending with Parlier, Nocher, and Heineken in a three-way tie
    for first with points and Nocher one point behind them. Day two of championship, sailed on
    medium kites in 14-18 knots ended with Nocher with a slight lead over Heineken and Parlier.

    The final day started with a light easterly and the Race Committee squeezed in two races for the
    Gold Fleet. After two races a short “AP” was signaled to wait for wind and the scores were all
    tied up once again. Nico Parlier sitting in first in a tie-breaker with Nocher and Heineken in third
    place just one point behind. The riders and Race Committee waited out the wind until 1800h
    when the “AP over A” was displayed. Nico Parlier wins the first stop of the tour in a tie-breaker.
    Margarita time!

    Playa Central Beach Club and the City of La Ventana hosted this event in prime fashion. Stable
    breeze, bare feet, and bathing suits are just part of the status quo at this booming beach town.
    Playa Central Beach Club’s world famous margaritas, gourmet local-vore menu, and wood fired
    oven put the cherry on top of the sundae makes it one of the best beach clubs in the world. The
    next stop of the KiteFoil Gold Cup tour in will be hosted by the famed St. Francis Yacht Club
    followed up by a tour stop at the beautiful Townsville Sailing Club in Queensland, Australia.

    Division Champions:
    First Overall - Nico Parlier (FRA)
    Top Woman – Erika Heineken (USA)
    Top Master (+35) - Stefaans Viljoen (RSA)
    Top Grandmaster (+45) - Herve Rousseau (FRA)
    Top Great Grandmaster (+55) – Gabor Vagi (BUL)
    Top Youth (<20) – Nico Parlier (FRA)
    Top Junior (<18) – Axel Mazella (FRA)
    Daily Write-ups -
    Qualifying Results -
    Championship Series Results -
    Tour Website -
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      IKA Kite Foil Gold Cup Mexico Playa Central 2015

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