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Paddle boarder assumed drowned in Gorge incident

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  • Paddle boarder assumed drowned in Gorge incident

    I am assuming he was not wearing a PFD?

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    Or a leash:

    "The wind on Friday afternoon was strong, rippling the river with great swells — Pombo was not wearing a life vest, nor a lanyard while he was out on the water."
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      Not sure what they are thinking. Invincibility syndrome?


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        Paddling through Swell City/The Hatchery without a life jacket is STUPID.

        I am sorry, but that is just asking for trouble.

        Condolences to friends an family.


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          Something funky must have happened. The water is 70 degrees right now. Even at dead center of the river you are less than 1/2 mile from shore. People saw him go down but then he just disappeared? Maybe he hit his head on his board when he fell?

          Agree on the PFD. Most of these guys just have an inflatable waist pack/back pack but thats better than nothing...
          Pointing like a traffic cop, footin like a track star.


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            Curious as to why one would choose not to use a leash?


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              Maybe trying to reduce drag. Have you ever seen photos of the 10' to 15' tall swell that can stack up around Swell City?

              You fall off your board and it's going in one direction and you the other, FAST!


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                HOOD RIVER, Ore. -- A search plane on Wednesday morning spotted the body of a paddle boarder who vanished in the Columbia River last Friday.

                Andres Damian Pombo, 20, was last seen around 1:45 p.m. on Friday, in an area known as Swell City. He was paddleboarding with friends from Viento State Park with the intent of paddling to Hood River, according to the Hood River County Sheriff's office.

                His body was found just downriver, near mid-channel.

                Investigators found a video camera attached to Pombo's board, which showed him fall into the water, the sheriff's office said. He was not wearing a life jacket.
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                  Sad story, thanks for the update.