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CNN Mainsail: The Evolution Of Kiteboarding

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  • CNN Mainsail: The Evolution Of Kiteboarding

    Part 1

    Why kiteboarding took off
    We take a look at the Kite Foil European Championships in Sardinia, a sport that's made a real impact since flying onto the scene just over 15 years ago.

    Part 2

    Could kiteboarding become an Olympic sport?

    In 2016 a vote will decide if Kiteboarding becomes a new Olympic sailing class for Tokyo 2020 -- we look at what that could mean for the sport.

    Part 3

    Champion kiteboarder shreds waves with her sons
    Five time World Champion Steph Bridge and her three sons compete internationally in freestyle and racing with many World and European titles between them.
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    They should all figure who runs things.

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