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    Well Mexico. What a place. I can't see why Trump gets so worked up. The weather is amazing, the kiting is amazing, the food is amazing and the speed limits are ignored. Being a bit of a woos I started the first race yesterday on my 13m R1V2 in about 12 knots. By the end it was about 7 knots so after finishing it was into the beach to change up to the 17. By beach I mean lovely sandy beach just by the race area. Oh and about 27 deg incase you were wondering.

    Plus the sand does not get too hot. Race 2 went much better being able to put full gas into the kite and Mikeslab foil. Little did I know my day was about to turn into custard. Having good gear means you are in the mix a bit more instead of fighting for the last few places. Pinching for the last top mark in a good position and some dude who has overlaid bears down round the mark into my lines. As it turned out that was the end of day 1 for me. A kite mare supremo. Today sunny of course. I mean it does not rain in this place. Our unit has windows in the roof (above the bed) which are open all the time. It is going to be light and 17 weather.

    This time really light so tacking is really tricky. Races 6 and 7 went ok and race 8 was looking really good until the gybe on the last downwind. I gybed at the same time as the guy alongside but he fell off so I had to miss him. He relaunched his kite just as I passed his head. Straight up into mine. Another tangle. Bugger. Pretty tricky relaunching in 6 knots. Finally up about 5 minutes later and came in last finisher. Hopefully in the time limit. I have to tell you about the race 8 start. It was really light and even though I am trying really hard to stay out of trouble I was right in the mix at the gun. My kite was banging the guy in front and the guy behind, his kite was banging mine. There were guys above and below. Guys everywhere. One mistake from anyone and it would be calamity. It was so light before the start you could not risk a tack or gybe in the final 2 minutes so you take what you were dealt. Terrifying stuff. So there you have it. 2 more days of racing in Paradise.

    Richard Bates

    NZ Kite Racing Enthuisiasts

    Registration took place at Casa Tara Retreat on March 25th with a sunset view and
    steamy jacuzzi, a different venue to kick off the event. Riders and manufacturers
    have flown in from various corners of the world to attend. At times, there are half a
    dozen languages being spoken at the breakfast table. The Hydrofoil Pro Tour has
    quickly become the most followed kite racing circuit to date. The riders meet every
    morning at Playa Central event site for breakfast, before the Skipperʼs meeting.

    La Ventanaʼs wind provided 5 good races yesterday, March 26th 2017, on Day 1 of the
    Hydrofoil Pro Tour with Rob Dean running a flawless day with low onshore winds,
    compared to nuking 25-30 knots weather in the days leading up to the races.
    WOW! what an amazing turnout and big surprise in the standings, 1 - Olly Bridge
    GBR, 2 - Maxime Nocher MON, 3 - Axel Mazella FRA, 4 - Riley Gibbs USA, 5 -
    Riccardo Leccese ITA, 6 - Florian Gruber GER. Gibbs is the only USA Sailor in the
    top 6, the rest being from countries in Europe. This shows the strength of the
    Europeans and how seriously they take the sport of competitive Kiteboard racing,
    whether it be on a flat board or a foil, said Joe Kool - safe to say he is the biggest,
    most consistent and loyal fan of kiteboarding.

    Since kitefoil racing began in San Francisco during the summer of 2012, in just a
    few short years the sport has grown world wide luring great athletes, designers
    and manufacturers to many kite destination venues, some competing and others
    for the networking opportunities, R&D and the Tech Talks. The birth of kitefoil
    racing has brought high speed and excitement in to the industry.

    The conversations had during these events are what allow the manufacturers to push
    their design teams to master the skills and knowledge in order to build high quality
    protective gear, stronger masts, lighter boards & bars, better safety systems,
    resistant materials, improved bridals and much more.

    On Day 2, March 27th, we have light winds coming from the Northwest and the
    bay is struggling to keep its wind line. There have been some exciting events
    happening on the water. More information will be released post races today...

    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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