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Ireland's Mullaghmore Swell One For The Books

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  • Ireland's Mullaghmore Swell One For The Books

    Conor Maguire Just Wrangled An Absolute Beast At Mullaghmore Head
    Ben Mondy

    Thursday, October 29, 2020

    Conor Maguire has caught a wave at Mullaghmore that many people are calling the biggest wave ever ridden in Ireland. With the country in partial lockdown due to Covid 19, the 26-year-old was surfing the famous Ireland slab on his own after receiving permission to travel and film as an elite athlete from the relevant authorities. With Red Bull's support a full land and water safety team was on hand as Maguire potentially rode into the record books. While the epic swell at Nazare has been mind-bending, it is this wave that could end up as defining moment of this Epsilon-induced XXL swell.

    "I think we've seen it that big once before during storm Ophelia, but never, ever that clean," filmer Clem McInerney who captured the action from the channel told the WSL. "Conor said he saw that wave capping at least a kilometer out to sea and knew it was the one. I've never seen a drop at Mully take that long. The size of it was surreal."

    He negotiated the first explosion successfully only for the end section to clamp on his head. "He got absolutely smoked," said McInerney. "His front foot strapped was wrenched out of the board and he was rag dolled across the reef. But Conor, being Conor, he came up smiling."

    Could this be the biggest wave ever ridden in Ireland? Footage: Clem Mcinerney / Red Bull Surfing
    We'll have more on the Mullaghmore swell, which included another epic paddle session today, plus a chat with the man himself coming soon. Stay tuned.

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