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The Detail is in the Details: The Boat Project

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  • The Detail is in the Details: The Boat Project

    A complete sailing vessel constructed of bric-a-brac of 1200 donated wooden items
    including a sliver from one of Jimi Hendrixes Guitars, a rolling pin, hockey stick and
    a Maisai warriors club were used to construct this!

    Entitiled The Boat Project

    Lone Twin's Boat Project is using the latest yacht building methods to turn wooden objects donated by people from across the South East into a seaworthy archive of stories and memories.

    From February - August 2011 we asked the people of the South East to bring us their wood - but not just any old wood. Pencil or piano – exotic as Zebrawood or as familiar as pine – we wanted something that’s a part of you, something with a story to tell. 1,200 people came with their wood and told us their story, each donation is now being used along with thousands of others to construct this seafaring record of our lives.

    This second phase of the project is very exciting, with the boat shed full of donations it’s time to start working them all into the boat, and it’s going to be something of a mammoth task! The boat shed is generally open between 9am-4pm, Monday-Friday and you’re more than welcome to just pop by. The team will be hard at work, if they can they’ll have a quick chat, but if not please feel free to have a good look around and enjoy watching their progress.

    The boat, designed by Simon Rogers, will be a 30ft day sailer. Of contemporary design it will have a sleek and elegant shape and it will provide novice and experienced sailors alike with a great sailing experience. What we don't know yet is what exactly the boat will look like; that depends entirely on the nature of the donations that we get and is a surprise we look forward to revealing as the donations start to come in. As the boat develops we will be adding more information to this section of the website, so do visit here again before too long.

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