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i550 speed build

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  • i550 speed build

    Sort of a fun video. hope you enjoy the William Tell Overture.

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    What was the time to complete in real time?

    (Your shop is way to clean, by the way)


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      Great time lapse. What type of veneer is getting used?

      We used to use door skins from the local lumberyard but Home Depot ran them out of business a while ago.


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        That's not my shop it is the Gougeon Bros. Skunk Works in the speed build. They used my templates for their layout. I remember they quoted 700 hours for their build, the finish is superb.

        My shop has a lot of the normal clutter (more than normal actually).

        There are a bunch of i550's being built in and around the Northwest.

        The building material is good quarter inch (6 mm) marine plywood for nearly every part. has some good build blogs and pictures of boats under construction and sailing.


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          In an unanticipated and under prepared act of idiocy Watershed Sailboats has filled a 40 foot container with flat pack kits. There are about (we don't know because of the one beer per kit while loading rule) 125 or so kits in there. When we get the bill from the plywood jobber then we will know for sure.

          There is a pool of hyd. fluid from the first forklift they sent.

          But wait there's more; Volume discounts

          And that's not all; for each kit sold I will call you at 3:30 a.m. your local Time to say thanks.


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            The Portland group of builders has finished 4 of the 5 kits they have and a high school senior has finished his i550 on the north bank of the Columbia. They are aiming at a first gathering at the CGRA CGOD later this summer. Congratulations go out to this fine effort by all. You can contact the PDX guys at


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              The New Year report on the i550;

              Plan set #489 has been sent to Ontario, Canada. Inquiring minds want to know where #500 will end up. There are four boats sailing in Croatia (three in Rijeka) two more have started building. Hobart Tasmania has a nugget of a fleet started. One there is on the water and a couple more are building. More are in build stage on the Aussie big Island. There is a fast build taking shape in Ballard (Seattle) Washington, at the CSI boatyard. South Africa has entered the fray, too. Portland, Oregon has started kit #5 ( and this summer may see #87 floating on the Chesapeake (
              Tim (