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  • Mirabaud LX's New Wing

    The new Mirabaud Wing went for its 1st sail yesterday . Thomas Jundt's experimental foiler, along with crew of Antoine Ravonel and Eric Gobet were very happy with the new wings performance, the additional sail area allowing foiling to occour in much light airs. The goals set forth are primarily Lake Geneva, include the kilometer record, the hour record and a 6 hour distance event.

    The 2011 wing has given satisfaction across the board.
    To increase its performance in low speed mode (before flight)
    we nevertheless decided to increase its surface by two means:
    1) Extend the mast bottom of 1.20 m
    2) Building a new component longest, 1.30 m instead of 1.10 m

    The result changes the surface from 17 to 23 m2, but also the weight of 32 to 40 kg

    Headsails will also increase
    - from August to October jib m2
    - Genoa from 30 to 35 m2
    - spinnaker 65 to 75 m2

    © Pierre-Alain Folliet / Mirabaud

    "First run with this new wing in 2012, the additional 30% are there!

    Back to the pits for a small adjustment of structure on the main pane." ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~