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ENTZ's AC 72' Tender launched!

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  • ENTZ's AC 72' Tender launched!

    First trials of the new Emirates Team New Zealand tender. This Morrelli and Melvin and designed, and Salthouse Boats built powercat was built for the team as the primary tender for the AC 72. 45'9" long and 15' 7" wide with 4, count em, 4 300 HP Yamaha's strapped to the transom, the boat should have little trouble keeping up with the "Big Cats" they are meant to chase!

    According to Pete, "The initial test run netted 58 knots, an E-ticket ride"

    I call shotgun!!!!

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    I wonder what the gas bill is going to look like after a day running 4 300 hp motors.

    Looks like one awesome platform for chasing the 72's tho!