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  • ¡Vámonos!

    The new SIG 45' "Vamonos" arrived in San Francisco a couple weeks ago after delivery from Puerto Vallarta where she spent the the 1st part of her young career since being built at Westerly Marine in Costa Mesa.

    Handling the SIG45 with Family

    Easy sailing for small crew - the SIG45 has been designed with simple and efficient control systems, from the high quality self aligning rudder bearings to modern sail handling systems that make reducing sail simple and easy.

    Stable and comfortable - the 8.4m (27.5ft) beam of the SIG45 makes it remarkably stable. Its righting moment of 23,000kgm compares favourably with that of an Open60 monohull (28-32,000kgm)! This means that the boat is comfortable at sea and at anchor, with very little heel.

    Space and privacy – the vast deck forms an ideal “play-pen”, while the split accommodation gives privacy to kids or visitors in the starboard “guest hull”
    Strength - the structure of the SIG45 is exceptionally strong, thanks to Finite Element Analysis, and very generous construction safety margins.

    Safety innovations - the SIG45 can be supplied with an Anti-Capsize System (ACS), as installed on Francis Joyon’s record-breaking round the world trimaran, IDEC. This unit detects the pitch and heel of the yacht, and releases the sails if they exceed thresholds set by the crew.

    A helping hand – the SIG45 has been designed from the outset to accept upgrades such electric winches (e.g. For the main halyard or mainsail sheet) to allow small crews to sail with even less effort.

    The boat's new PBM, reports that she's a delight to sail, and though may not be as fast as the AC 45's out dancing bout the Bay with her right now, it could be a tight race with her big kite on downhill vmg with 22knots.

    Deck layout

    Huge cockpit entirely free of ropes
    The SIG45 has a vast cockpit between the main and aft beams with a surface of nearly 40 square metres (400sqft). There are no sheets or other lines crossing this area. It is protected on all sides by coamings and / or lifelines at least 65cm high, creating a great area for both families and racing crews.

    Crew Protection
    The twin helmstations are situated aft, well protected by the pilothouses and coamings (inspired by Bruno Peyron’s Orange 2). Even at speeds well in excess of 20 knots, the SIG45 is very dry. The aft helm stations provide excellent line of sight steering and keep the helmsman and sail trimmers close for good communication (and social interaction!). The three Harken sail trimming winches for mainsheet, traveller and headsails are within easy reach of the helmsman. The beautiful clear coat carbon tillers provide optimum feel, light weight and reliability.

    Practical working areas
    Halyards, main- and head-sail reefing lines, mast rotation, cunningham, and daggerboards are controlled via a bank of Spinlock clutches and two Harken winches from the winch island at the base of mast. The windlass and anchor chain are also located hear to keep weight well centred.

    "She would make the Ultimate Caribbean Cruiser", the PBM elates, "It's a big luxury boat that hauls ass". We can confirm that seeing her make her away across the Bay in huge hurry. "I'm not sure I would want to be in the stormy Atlantic," He adds " But for Island hoping, she would be great"


    The stylish interior, designed by Bjorn Johansson, is characterized by simplicity, elegance and light. It is designed to be practical at rest and at sea.

    Space and Light
    The accommodation is remarkably spacious, with generous headroom throughout. The space was achieved through an innovative combination of widening chines on the inboard side of the hulls well above the waterline, and clever use of the available space.

    Multifunctional Pilothouses
    The pilot houses ensure that the crew can enjoy sailing from below decks as well as on deck, with large windows providing expansive views when seated in the saloon or navigation station. It is a remarkable experience to be comfortably sitting below in a calm and quiet dinette, and to watch the horizon move by at 18 knots.

    Gullwing Windows
    The huge opening gullwing windows inboard not only provide light and ventilation, but allow food and drinks to be passed easily from the galley to the outside dining areas on deck. When at anchor with both gullwing windows open, the entire deck, saloon and navigation station become a giant connected living space.

    The accommodation is split between two hulls. This provides privacy unheard of in a 45ft yacht. Crew can be enjoying music and laughter in one hull, while those in the other can be obliviously sleeping, resting or even watching a movie via the sophisticated media system.

    Owner’s Hull
    The port hull is offered as an owner’s hull, with a large double berth aft, saloon, generous galley and a spacious head with shower.

    The starboard hull provides two double cabins, a head with shower and a cozy and practical navigation station / off-watch area. The L-shaped sofa in the navigation station can be used as an extra berth.

    Every cabin has at least two openings to ensure good airflow.

    Qualilty and Texture
    Fittings throughout, including the LED lights, designer Italian taps and textiles are of the highest quality. The interior is constructed using a combination of carbon fibre and wood (composite panels and veneers). Clients may select from finishes on floors, furniture units and fabrics. The floors are made of Oregon Pine, a sustainably harvested wood species that was a mainstay of the boat building industry a century ago.

    Will Vamonos race competitively? That's yet to be seen, but she has applied for her PHRF certificate and the indicators point to inclusion in the multi-hull divison in this years Big Boat Series. On board for yesterdays ride were a sailmaker, a rigger, a prospective buyer of another SIG 45 and a syndicate big wig. Vamonos, may have some company very soon!
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    Onboard Vamonos

    The invitation to climb aboard the newest cat on the Bay, the LeBreton designed, Westerly Marine built SIG 45 "Vamonos" came without much notice Saturday morning.
    Now who would turn down an invitation to do that?

    As simple and clean on the inside and starkly elegant as it is on the out side, the sheer pedigree of performance are combined in the design, engineered by a team which had it's fingers in the the design of Dogzilla, Groupama, Orange2 and numerous superyachts, Vomonos is very different from any cat it's size you will find on the West Coast.

    Managing Director, Hugo Le Breton was aboard to check out the boat, only the 2nd one built an the 1st on in North America. Anticipation of the 1st lite up run was high. The boat was built to move, with it's fully battened main and 5 headsail options, from self tacking blade jib up to a massive gennaker, we set out with a full main and staysail. and quick hit mid 20's on the Bay proper

    On board was current Single Handed Trans Pac Record holder Alex Mehran, owner of the Open 50 "Truth" who was quite amazed at how fast a comfortable boat could be!

    Part of the SIG 45's magic relies on it's power system which can operate the fully powered Harken winch system enabling a minumum of crew to run for 20 some hours with a recharge. The halyard and tension line all are centrally located. The sheets and mainsail traveler are all all foot controlled from the very comfortable port and starboard

    We managed to cram in at least a dozen Bay crossings in the 2.5 hours of sailing, including at trip over to McCovey Cove, where the crowd went wild, either out of sheer envy or something happening on the field. With wind in the 25 plus knot range, we reduced sail to the 1st reef and the small blade and still managed to hit a top speed of 28 knots. The boat absolutely smokes in breeze and the helm remained easily manageable in even the biggest puffs. The overall impression is the SIG 45 has the power and amenities to please those that demand performance with simple elegance.

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      Looks like a fly ride, what do you suppose one of them sell for?