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  • Un-Limited Excitement Looms

    The RP 63 "Limit" finally arrived in the Bay Area yesterday, and was last seen on the West Coast sailing for Hawaii in the 2010 Pac Cup, which she finished in 6 Days and 16 hours plus change. A few snags in the delivery process slowed her arrival to snails pace, 1st, the fact that ships don't deliver from Freemantle directly to SF Bay, so Los Angeles became her port of entry. Customs and documentation took an eternity, and then there was the road trip. The estimate 2 night CHP escort ride up the central valley took 3 days...Mostly because the escorting officers decided to cut their tour short, forcing the truck to idle motionless untill the next shift arrived....

    Boat Master Greg Nelsen got right on the ball, as it were, and started stripping the beast of all unnecessary items, including cushions and the stove, sails were picked up and delivered to a local loft. "Greg spent 3 week in Australia pulling the boat apart and packing her up for shipping, so he's got a good head start" Says owner Frank Slootman
    of Invisible Hand fame. Franks J-111 "Invisible Hand" is on the block at Sail California,
    and "if she does not sell by spring, we'll move her up to Lake Tahoe and sail here there", Frank adds.

    Greg got the boat stripped down to bare bones Friday, filling two containers in the process, and will hit the ground running on Monday with a long list of tasks ahead, including x-rays to check for vulnerable spots. If all goes well the boat could be ready
    to sail in 2.5 to 3 weeks, knock on wood.

    The new "Invisible Hand" or IHXL if you will is destined to campaign primarily offshore, with the Mexican long distance, Hawaii (Pac Cup and Transpac) Coastal Cup, Spinnaker Cup, Windjammers, Farallones all on the target list. Asked if there is a short list of candidates for the program "We have a long list of crew laid out" Says boat manager Greg Nelsen. The core from the previous IH program "We will carry a crew of 12-14 offshore and 16 for inshore events, all very committed to the program" He adds.

    It's great to see a new, serious offshore program get underway in the Bay Area and the potential for new records being established looms just over the horizon. Go get em boys!
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    This ought to be interesting.


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      Rumor about that Moose Sanderson will be involved in the offshore program.


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        Owner Frank Slootman indicates that good progress has been made and she will have the mast installed
        after she splashes next week! Very nice!
        " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

 Photo Gallery


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          All the best- great looking program!


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            The Hand XL has left the building....last seen departing KKMI headed for Long Beach then Newport, then Mexico...
            " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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