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A New Life For An old Orma 60: Tritium Racing

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  • A New Life For An old Orma 60: Tritium Racing

    Last seen lurking in the Artemis base hanger in Alameda, and last sailed as the trail boat for Artemis's now infamous AC72 wing, the Orma 60 "Gitana 12" in soon to be headed south and become "Tritium"

    The new own of the Tri, John Sangmeister of Gladstones fame has been eyeballing the boat for some time, and will finally have her in his possession in January. The goal?

    Ultimately the Transpac record which currently sits at 5 Days, 9 hours 18 minutes and 26 seconds. John has enlisted the assistance of Gino Morrelli, Cam Lewis, Jacques Vincent from l'Hydroptere. The crew from l'hydroptere stayed with us in Long Beach for a couple months", says John, "And we got to be be good friends, and it will be great to have Jacques onboard. Also on the list is Howie Hamlin, better known for his 18' and 505 skills.

    "John and I have known each other for a long time," Howie explains " And he's asked me to sail with him on numerous projects, and I have been just too busy, but this one I can't pass up"

    "The boats old rig come with it, and the floats were lengthened to 72'. She was beefed up for the wing testing and should be ready for the 2013 Transpac," John said.

    The Border Run, Ensenada, Islands Race and Cabo are all on the todo list to get her and crew up to snuff."I'm even on a diet, I need to lose some pound so I can fit into the cabin" John Laughs. On a more serious note, I really need to sell the Formula 40 ASAP, because if I don't, my wife will kill me, then shoot me after I'm dead"

    You can check out the Formula 40 HERE!

    We don't want to see nobody shot after their dead around here!
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