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  • Speed Dream Sails!

    The SpeedDream comes alive! Brian Hancock explains:

    "Like many great projects SpeedDream started on the back of an envelope, a series of sketches outlining an idea that would one day become, providing it all worked, the world’s fastest monohull. But it’s a long way from sketch to reality and for a while the drawings sat lifeless in a desk drawer. Vlad Murnikov had other things to do, like earn a living as an architect, and the innovative ideas sketched out were nothing more than that; innovative ideas."

    "One of the most striking things about the sketches was a keel that seemed able to be canted in excess of 80 degrees. Canting keels have long become standard on performance monohulls but their range was limited, confined by hull shape and restrictive class rules. Vlad was not thinking of rules. His idea was to be the fastest and the only way to achieve this was to leave rules aside and introduce some new creativity into old ideas. Canting the keel in excess of 80 degrees meant that when the boat heeled it would come out of the water and in doing so reduce drag and increase efficiency. In fact the whole SpeedDream concept was based on increasing efficiency and not on applying brute force as much of modern yacht design seems intent on doing."

    "So how was it to finally sail the boat? In my sailing career, one that spans 30 plus years, I have had a handful of highlights. The first time I rounded Cape Horn in a full gale stands up there as an amazing experience. Watching a fleet of Class 40’s cross the start line of the Portimão Global Ocean Race, an event that I co-founded, was equally incredible. The day we first sailed SpeedDream stands there alongside the very best days of my life. It was cold and dreary, very little wind and no prospect of things clearing for a while. We sailed away from the dock like a pure thoroughbred ought to, but did take a tow to get us into deeper water where we had more space to sail. Finally with the sails up and dripping, we sat going nowhere. It seemed like an unfair hand to be dealt after all the work and planning. But then a tiny breeze picked up, it’s dark patch working it’s way toward us over a glassy surface. SpeedDream felt the puff and heeled slightly. The boat moved effortlessly forward leaving barely a trickle as a wake. Then more wind came and as it increased we hit the button that would activate the keel canting mechanism. The rest was pure magic. SpeedDream sailed one and a half times the speed of the wind perfectly on its lines, and the keel, the one first sketched on a napkin two years earlier, was right there flying alongside in close formation. It was almost as if we were sailing in one of our own renderings. Indeed we were sailing in a dream, but rather than one of those elusive nightly visits, this was a tangible dream; a SpeedDream."

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    Video from the sail trial. ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~


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      Where do you mount the BBQ?
      Beer storage?


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        The SpeedDream27 prototype undergoes sail trials off Rockland, Maine. Perfect weather for flying the keel - and just about anything else.
        " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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