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    What is Raptor Deck? Well it's the most bitchinest shit you have ever felt under your feet in your cockpit! Really. As many of you have seen in the Forums I have been giving my Moore 24, More Uff Da, a boob and ass job over the winter (see Forum Thread Here) and to finalize the retro upgrade I wanted something really cool in the cockpit floor. Enter from stage left Dan Kaseler, owner Raptor Deck.

    Dan came down and templated out the cockpit in the yard for me and then we reverse entered all the templates into the computer with his fancy machine. We then spent some design time tweaking it on the computer and importing both the Raptor and More Uff Da emblems before cutting out the product and installing the mats on the boat.

    Custom to this project is the foot stop. The Moore doesn't have a molded foot stop/support in the cockpit and people have come up with things ranging from wood strips, huge control pods and even stainless bars to press their feet against to stay on the rail. Completely made of foam and Raptor Deck this foot stop is durable, soft, and importantly matches the rest of the Raptor Deck. Having never been done before it's sort of an experiment, but it if it works it opens up huge new possibilities for Raptor Deck.

    Why am I telling you all this about my personal boat you ask? Well, not only is this some Bitchin' shit, but Raptor has patterns already made for a bunch of the hard raced boats you see out on the course. Melges 17, 20, 24, 32, 29er XX, Melges Scows MC, E, X, C, Viper 640, J/70, I14 B6 and even the tubby little Opti your kid is constantly sliding across. Raptor has Flat Stock you can make your own custom stuff out of or they can help you create one of the best foot surfaces you have ever felt for the boat you race every day.

    From the Raptor Website:
    Utilizing the best foam grip materials on the market, Raptor specializes in high quality grip and comfort solutions.

    What makes a Raptor Deck different? Check out the following pages for a peek at our technical features and innovative designs.

    Wondering about pricing? We are not cheap, but our quality is unsurpassed.

    Order a kit today and be the first at your local spot with the very best we have to offer.

    Learn more about Raptor Deck at their Website and take a moment to call and talk with Dan about your project, you won't regret it!
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