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  • Ciao's Sexy Cousin, M 34

    22/04/2010 M34, first hull!

    Dangé St Romain, 2010/04/20th, 4pm...

    Today is a great day at the factory...

    The M34 n°1 has just received her fitted deck.

    All the staff is here, watching at the baby, nobody breaths.

    The work we have to do right now is to check and survey if all parts works properly together,

    But we are meeting for the very first time our M34.

    After some silences, faces start smiling. Guys start to chat and seem to be satisfied.

    No doubt, she's nothing but a great, pure, incredible racer,

    We can see here a fantastic design, showing pure lines, super well-balanced and powerful boat.

    Next step: completions on deck and interiors

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    The first north American M34 will be sailing in july on the east coast, I am working on the sail program here in SF and we will be sailing right away (wil be a M34 at Annapolis boat show check the A31 too).
    For the west coast and SF well do not get me going.....