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  • live2media : Reconnecting The Fan With The Content

    "Were out to end the silent movie experience" Says live2media's founder Greg Moyer.

    Frustrated with the disconnect one experiences with live sporting events, Greg sought a better way for fans to get "reconnected" with the events they were watching and has incorporated his engineering background along with marketing expertise to develop an inexpensive tool to do precisely that. With a bit of luck and timing the advent of the LiveCard kit®, Greg and team have produced a small receiver which will allow attendees to the Louis Vuitton, Red Bull Youth Americas Cup and Americas Cup,the ability to hear exactly what they want from around the course. For a measly $30.00, the user will be able to hear the commentary from the booths, the pre race and post race shows, the interviews, choose various languages and even pick up feeds from the boats, in LIVE Time. Additionally, live traffic, weather are on tap to keep the listener in tune with their surroundings.

    7 years in the making and development and tested at Track and Field, Lemans and Major League Soccer events, the compact device delivers content users want, without buffering or dependence on wi-fi or cell phone obstruction. The proprietary signal will be available through out the race course and well beyond. Sitting on Angel Island? No Problem. Golden Gate Bridge? No Problem. On the Marina or several blocks inland? No Problem. " We could cover the entire Bay Area, but the folks at ACEA requested we keep it generalized to the immediate area, and we are glad to comply" Said Greg " The only constraint for the signal is penetrating deep into buildings, so user will need to venture outdoors and get some fresh air for the cleanest signal possible.

    The coverage should be up and running in early July and receivers will be delivered on or about July 4th, and will be pre sold on line and available for will call pick up at pre designated locations around the America's Cup sites, as well as the Official America's Cup Stores. Running on 2 AAA batteries, Greg estimates the units would last the entire Louis Vuitton Series, RBYAC, and Americas Cup , 3 hours a day with only one battery change required. Live2media is negotiating with several Bay Area professional sports franchises for exclusive live feeds from their venues as well, which would require individual cards for each, but the receiver is yours to keep.

    Pre orders will begin in a couple weeks, we will keep you posted to the availability right here!
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