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Nicer, more eco frindlier way of hull prep

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  • Nicer, more eco frindlier way of hull prep

    NanoShield FoulOff, the anti-foul remover used by the multiple race winning Alfa Romeo is now available to DIY users.

    It removes the need of wet sanding and grinding of toxic coatings on marine craft. There is significant improvement of worker health and safety. It also eliminates toxic chemicals leeching into the water ways. Non-toxic, non-flammable FoulOff locks spent coatings into clumps for environmentally responsible disposal.

    FoulOff was also used the previous year to remove the Propeller Coating from the classic yacht 'The Lady Gay' before a new coating was re-applied. The craft was recently pulled from the water for annual maintenance works.

    Chad Thompson, the Captain of the 'Lady Gay' said ' We used the FoulOff to remove the PropSpeed from 2 of the blades of the propellers. The other 2 blades was prepared the traditional way. After a season's boating, there is practically no difference in the wear of the PropSpeed on the blades prepared by FoulOff or the traditional grinding method. One thing is sure, FoulOff is a much tidier and easier way of surface prep. Accidental grinding damage to the propeller is also eliminated.'

    Global Yacht Finishers of Auckland has also seen a growing interest among race boats to use FoulOff as the choice of anti-foul removal preparation. 'The integrity and precision of a race boats hull is critical to its success. FoulOff removes the need of using grinding machines that may damage the hull. A precise and controlled amount of spent anti-foul can be removed. No toxic run offs to the waterways can only be a good thing.'

    NanoShield FoulOff is now available NZ wide through Burns Co Marine. 1kg and 5kg packaging is available. Burns Co Marine is also having an exclusive free gift with every purchase for the months of May and June. article
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