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    Ronstan's new D-Splicer range of specialized rope splicing tools are designed to take the difficulty out of working with smaller diameter synthetic 12-strand or single braid lines. These unique double needle "pullers" essentially clamp the rope strands so they can be easily pulled through a splice without slipping. Ideal for soft shackles and pulling cover plaits into the core, the D-Splicer is a must for any DIY rigger's tool set. D-Splicer needles are made of machined alloy to reduce weight and come in three thicknesses to match a wide array of line diameters.

    Developed by professional riggers, Ronstan's D-Splicer product range is highlighted by an exclusive D-Splicer Kit that features an interchangeable handle that allows riggers to switch needle diameters to match the working line diameter. The kit includes 4 needles in 2 sizes (1mm x 24cm and 1.5mm x 26cm), interchangeable aluminum handle with lanyard and a carrying case. Perfect for the do-it-yourself or on-site rigger, the needles can be quickly changed by simply unscrewing the handle, eliminating the need to have multiple puller tools on-hand.

    In addition to the kit, D-Splicer needles are also available in a fixed handle models. Available needle thicknesses include 15 for 2-4mm lines, 20 for 4-6mm lines, 25 for 6-8mm lines.

    The complete D-Splicer product range will be available at Ronstan dealers worldwide. The full kit will retail for $65, with replacement needles starting at $8.75. Fixed handle needles start at $22.65

    A lightweight alternative to traditional running blocks, Ronstan's new Low-Friction Rings are ideal for applications where running rigging angels need minor deflection or are under high static load. A simple and elegant design, the Low-Friction Rings are a perfect solution for high strength, low weight applications like barber haulers, lazy-jacks, back stays, furling lines and cascading boom vangs.

    Low-Friction Rings have no moving parts and are made from smooth hardened anodized aluminum to resist the high heat generated by modern synthetic lines and to offer minimal line friction. The versatile soft attachment system allows the rings to be rigged using either an eye splice around the ring's smooth outer edge, or by using multiple lines attached through the ring hole. Compact, low maintenance and easy to install, Low-Friction Rings are an effective rigging solution in many applications.

    Low-Friction rings are available in four sizes ranging in inside diameter from 5/16" (8mm) to 13/16" (21mm) with prices from $13.50 to $23.50 and are available at Ronstan dealers worldwide
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