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The Worlds Largest Sail For 60 Meter Perseus3

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  • The Worlds Largest Sail For 60 Meter Perseus3 is reporting The worlds largest sail ever made has been produced for the the mega superyacht Perseus3 which was stepped at the Perini Navi facility in La Spezia, Italy.

    Future Fibres’ Giant Carbon Mast Will Carry Largest Sail Ever Made

    Luxury yacht builder Perini Navi completed the mast stepping operation today of Perseus3 a 60 meter sloop with one of the tallest masts in the world.

    Built of carbon fiber by Future Fibres, this 75.8m, 16.4 ton mast is among the top three tallest masts in the world and will soon fly the world’s largest sail, a 2,602 square meter A2 asymmetrical spinnaker.

    Future Fibres notes that 4,752 kilometers of carbon fiber was used to make the rigging which also includes a 23.4m carbon fiber pre-preg furling boom, carbon fiber cap stays and diagonals, as well as fore and aft stays made of a combination of Carbon, PBO and Kevlar.

    Doyle sailmakers spent 6,000 hours designing the 10,000 square meter sail inventory, an area which is 1000 square meters larger than the playing field at NRG Stadium, or half the size of the MCG in Melbourne. Doyle notes the A2 is comprised of 3,200 yards of Dyneema and Polyester fabric.

    The dimensions of the asymmetricals and the Code 0 are such that the fabric available on the market was not capable of providing the necessary characteristics of strength and lightness, therefore special new fabrics were created after extensive R&D activities. Robbie Doyle notes this sail package “is one of the most unique and challenging ever created.”

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