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Introducing the Kite Tender

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  • Introducing the Kite Tender

    Kitetender 400, The ultimate dinghy!

    Since march 2014 the Kitetender400 has been seriously tested. Some minor modifications like anti spray, placing footsteps have been done. The model is completely ready for glass fibre production.

    Topspeed so far 21 knots ! (Podersdorf Austria, velocitek measured)

    KiteTender® Concept

    Kitetender is a special designed monohull for kitesailing as a result of years of testing, developing and prototyping. Technical hull design differ quite a lot from the traditional sailing boats equipped with a mast.

    Traditional sailing boats have volumes beneath the waterline, designed to handle with pitching heeling momentums. Kitesailing generates only very small pitching momentum, so design had to be different.

    Kitesailing is not jumping with kites, but more like course racing, with the use of the so called race kites ( North Dyno), choosing for a more stable and upwind performing kite.

    Kitesailing is quite easy, but totally different from traditional sailing (with a mast, mainsail, genua etc). Take kite lessons before you start!

    Notable Quotes

    Yves Parlier ” saw your films on the net. Bravo, precise how kitesailing should be” Shortly after Yves came to Holland (Yves Parlier beyond the sea, France)

    Tom Court ”I did not expect kitetender would be that fast and fun” while rocking the Solent at Cowes week UK 2014 ( Tom Court; pro kiteboarder UK Ripslix)

    Specifications KiteTender 400™®

    length 440 cm
    width 132 cm
    weight 75 Kg
    material glass fibre vacuum built
    rudder & centreboard pivoting
    design Peter Schermer

    Price Kitetender 400 standard is €4750,-. excluding VAT (Europe, ex works Holland)

    Safety systems KiteTender 400:

    closed hull, open transom, self draining cockpit
    pivoting rudder and centreboard with auto release for easy landings on beaches
    KiteTender 400 can be used with the standard safety-leash and safety systems of your kite
    In case of a problem, deflate your kite and take the paddles out and row home
    Kite know how is essentiel! Take lessons before you try

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    Looks like fun for the young and!


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      I think I might have to try my training kite with the Oppikat that I'm finishing up...


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        It's kite sailing you can do without the expectation of getting soaked, but I'm withholding complete approval until further development leads to a kitesail which tends itself. I like the freedom to cleat the sheets and go below to make something nice in the galley... and a galley...

        Edit: err... after watching the video... not an especially dry ride...


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          A nice big cruising dodger might help.... where are the beer holders?