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  • Jameson 650 In the Works

    The Australian Sports Boat Association just released a preview of the Jameson 650 designed by Paul Bieker

    "At best guess, she is a 1700 hour build with 400 remaining.650 iso2 1
    Her displacement is less than half of Helter Skelter’s but carries a similar sail area.
    She carries the rudder mounted hydrofoil which will assist up wind, effectively making the yacht think she’s a little longer than she actually is."

    Foil Adjustment system on top of the rudder blade

    Mast frame

    Rudder Cassette

    What’s a NZ Sports Boat without racks?

    "Downwind the foil can be adjusted from the tiller extension to give the boat a more ‘bow up’ trim. Good when learning how to sail her! Construction is entirely carbon and nomex. She features build methods we learnt from all our America’s Cup work. The mast and rigging are 40% lighter than Helter Skelter’s."


    Overall Length: 6.92 m

    Waterline Length: 6.5 m

    Beam, Hull: 1.96 m

    Beam at DWL: 1.33 m

    Draft: 2.07 m

    Displacement, lightship: 380 kg

    Bulb Weight: 120 kg

    Displacement/Length Ratio: 41

    Mast Height above water: 11.8 m

    Mainsail Area: 28.3 sq m

    Jib Area: 18.1 sq m

    Approx Spinnaker Area: 55 sq m

    Images of the Jameson 650 prototype "Helter Skelter" under sail

    "Helter Skelter is my existing boat. She has 2 bulbs. One is 400 kg which is identical to the Thompson 750.

    The boat sails fine with this and no Trapezes. When we do the rum race on Friday nights (no kites allowed) we use a furling jib and take the trapezes off.
    That seems to allow maximum drinking (check out the stubby holders on the racks).

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