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  • Lois Lane from front page

    What's the back story there?

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    She's been at Rutherford's for some time.

    Good to see her back in the water!


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      The Lois Lane Rehab

      The 1977 Custom Tom Wylie IOR beauty has finally been relaunched!

      Originally built for Bill Erkelens Sr, the boat competed in two Transpacs, won the Coastal Cup, kicked tail
      in the Danforth Series and Whitney Series and local IOR events before retiring to Lake Tahoe.

      It was while on the hook, the boat was struck at night by a Boston Whaler, severely damaging the starboard hull and deck.

      She was bought back from the insurance company, and patched up and painted white and sold.

      She ended up on the hard at Nelson's in Alameda before being bought in 2005 by Tom Bliss, who spend bundles of cash
      and near 5 years in rehab. But time and weather had taken its toll on the old girl, and when launched in 2011,
      the the pressure from the rig pulled out the stays, and with it, the then owners enthusiasm.

      Tony Carr, who sailed with the Erkelens when she 1st sailed, got wind of her availability and bought her in 2012 at a bargain basement price.

      Tony has done a complete inside and out rehab, even bringing back the original cold molded finish!

      Relaunched on September 28th, Tony has plans to complete the interior next, in a Japanese woodwork finish and then replace the rig when time an money allows!

      Nice work Tony!

      Stay tune for progress reports and an upcoming series on the legendary boat designer and builder Tom Wylie
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        Some images from Tony

        Lois in the yard at Rutherfords. The name on the aft hull is new and covers the grinding done a few decades back to remove the bustle...

        Coming home from an ocean race

        The new renewed Lois Lane

        Lois post white coverup
        " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

 Photo Gallery


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          Beautiful restoration!


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            Rehab can be a wonderful thing!


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              Lois Lane was a very cool IOR boat, but not particularly fast all around. She did have a great look.

              Here's a Diane Beeston photo of her on the bay.
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                Here is the review of Lois Lane in Sail magazine in the pre-SORC section of 1978. I don't think she actually made it to the circuit.
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                  Lois Sails Again!

                  Lois Lane made her 1st sailing event in quite some time last week,
                  entering in the RYC's Wednesday Night Beer Can regatta. Owner Tony Carr has spent the past 5 years putting in a bundle of time and money rehabbing the 1977 Wylie 40'
                  cold moulded IOR speedster, which, without his effort, would most certainly have ended up in a landfill.

                  Still a work in progress, Tony was happy as could be to finally get her rig installed earlier this summer, and acquired a couple sails that are "close to fitting".

                  Even with the less than optimum sails, and dirty bottom, (diver didn't quite show up on time) the old girl showed some of here old pedigree, accelerating nicely
                  in puffs and tracking nicely in the mellow conditions off the Richmond Riviera. Tony's shoe string budget translates into biting off major purchases in bits and pieces.
                  His goal of getting in at least one beer can race in 2017 met, Tony was overjoyed to finally be on the starting line, and proud as a peacock with all the love displayed
                  form those aware of Lois's colorful past and place in Bay Area sailing history.

                  Tonys grand plans is to sail her short handed inshore and offshore when time and money allows. The spartan interior still has a lot of work ahead, and he lacks instrumentation,
                  kites and would probably accept donations in that arena.
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                    Looking good!


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                      Great to see her out and about!


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                        The follow up video snippet from interview with Bill Erkelens Sr and Bill Erkelens Jr
                        " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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                          Wonder what ever became of Hippo?