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  • dumb battery question

    I got a pretty big (meaning, probably expensive) sealed battery with the new boat. It doesn't say "AGM" on it and it doesn't say "Gel" on it, so I'm assuming that it's a sealed wet cell. Yes, it's sealed.

    OK, that battery, to the best of my knowledge, sat in the boat for well over a year, maybe as much as two years just....sitting there.....It wasn't attached to any load. I assumed that it was discharged and sulfated to uselessness.

    OK, so the other night I set it up on a relatively smart three-stage charger and let it run all night long. I checked it after about 90 minutes and the charger was saying that it was charged. It was accepting less than 4 amps charging current. I thought to myself "No Way"... and let it run overnight anyway. In the morning, the charger was saying that the battery was accepting about 1 amp of current.

    24 hours later, the voltage on the battery was 12.8. Hurrah! says I. At the 48 hour mark, this morning, it's still 12.8 volts. So I'm thinking that this battery may actually have some useful life left in it.

    Unless of course I'm an ignorant dork and not understanding why it's 12.8 volts instead of the 12.6 that I expected. Care to enlighten me, y'all?

    Mind you, I'm aware that even if I'm right that the battery still has some life left in it, I still might be an ignorant dork.

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    If it took a charge, it probably has some life in it.

    Sometimes the smart chargers wont initiate a charge, but if you jump the battery, it will knock some of the sulfation off.