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Race Retractable Propulsion System

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  • Race Retractable Propulsion System

    In addition to structural engineering of Reichel/Pugh designed yachts, R/P also offers engineering design services to companies in the shipbuilding industry and beyond. Reichel/Pugh recently partnered with Shipmotion Group to provide composite engineering support for their newly-developed Race Retractable Propulsion System (RPS).

    Reichel/Pugh engineers worked directly with the composite builder Isotop Composite to create a lightweight, manufacturable skeg and wetbox by creating high-fidelity 3D models of components for direct CNC machining. The finished product is an efficient retractable propeller skeg designed to power a 68’ yacht at a cruising speed of 8.5kts, with a total composite weight of under 25kg.

    This close collaboration between R/P engineers and industry partners with commitment to full-cycle development ensures that our boats are optimized to the highest standards of design and manufacturing innovation. For more information on R/P contract-engineering, please contact us
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    Cool concept, if you can keep thing from growing in the slot and box.