Neil Youngs " Ragland' is on the market;Built in 1913, W.N. Ragland is a two-masted, gaff-rigged schooner owned by Young for more than 35 years. Originally built of oak and used to haul granite, Ragland is outfitted with a railroad car full of mahogany in her hull. The ship features solid teak decks and deck structures up to four inches thick. Her standing rigging is all stainless steel. Yacht braid rope is used for her running rigging and lines, as opposed to the more common triple-strand line.

A spiral staircase leads below, where old-growth timber, brass and beveled glass abound. Everywhere there are intricate curved lines, old-school workmanship and cozy spaces. It’s easy to imagine a 19th century explorer onboard, jotting down notes in a logbook with a fountain pen as the ship sails to distant ports.