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  • A Maverick In The Fastnet

    Maverick is an Infiniti 46R designed by DSS creator Hugh Welbourn mainly for coastal and offshore yacht racing.

    “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”
    — Dr. Seuss

    Complete with canting keel and Dynamic Stability System (DSS) foils, Maverick is the first boat of its size to combine this technology and the only 46 ft yacht to utilise twin foils. The DSS system is expected to reduce heel angles, reduce drag and enable dynamic lift for enhanced performance.

    Maverick's carbon fibre build and cutting edge design makes her a lighter, more balanced and faster boat to sail, keeping crew to a minimum at approximately six. Essentially Maverick is trying to attain the performance benefits usually experienced by a much larger yacht across a wide spectrum of wind angles and conditions.

    Our unique technology is changing the way we approach yacht racing. As a team we are here to do something that hasn't been done before and perhaps in the process contribute to the evolution of sailing


    For us a Maverick is about being unorthodox, original, trendsetting and independent, whilst acknowledging that even the most free spirits have a home.

    “Stay foolish, stay hungry”
    — Steve Jobs

    Our team is Maverick because this yacht brings together a combination of original design ideas for the first time. She is unique.

    When we started this journey the technology was largely theory. Elegant and coherent, but untested. Through her design Maverick aims to defy the physics and limitations of her length. To quote someone in the game "at only 46 feet she should sail like a 60 footer".

    That was the aim. Whilst its still early days the initial impression is that she has the legs to meet this brief. Slower in some conditions but significantly faster in others. Over 150,000 people have watched a video of Maverick reaching at wind speed achieving up to 25knts. We have yet to find her limit.

    We are seeing foils adopted and retrofitted across a range of performance yachts. Maverick is different because its hull shape and rig were designed around the foils. The boat is not compromised by rules or existing design features. We are already seeing the performance and comfort benefits of this new technology and we expect that Maverick will influence the next generation of IMOCA 60’s, Mini and Super Maxis.

    all photos © Waterline Media

    Our team is Maverick because we have chosen an original path.
    “There is no success without failure and no shame in failing in an attempt to take that next step. ”
    — Anon
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery