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Alerion Yachts Saved From Extinction

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  • Alerion Yachts Saved From Extinction


    (NORTH KINGSTOWN, RI) November 20, 2017 - Alerion Yachts, the luxury daysailing brand renowned for its combination of stunning, traditional lines and modern sailing performance, is now owned by a marine industry veteran who brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the brand.

    Peter Johnstone is the new Owner of Alerion Yachts. "It felt natural to do this," says Johnstone. "Alerion Yachts' timeless design and New England build quality are unmatched in the market. The Alerion style of sailing is perfectly suited for today's time constraints. They are uncomplicated, easy to sail, and simply beautiful. You only need an hour but it makes a lifetime worthwhile."

    Johnstone has always felt a personal connection to the Alerion design aesthetic and brand. He enjoyed owning and sailing a classic Herreshoff 26' named Feather, a sistership to Nathanael Herreshoff's personal daysailer from 1912 named Alerion, which is the inspiration for the modern Alerion Yachts.

    Alerion Yachts officially launched in 1991 with the Carl Schumacher-designed Alerion Express 28. Garry Hoyt established the brand and the modern daysailer yacht category when he assumed leadership of the brand shortly after its formation. His Hoyt Jib Boom has become synonymous with easier sailing and is a popular option on all Alerion models. In the early days, Hoyt lent his personal Alerion Express 28 to Johnstone to daysail, and later, the two worked closely together on the best-selling Escape brand of sailboats in the late 1990s. "I've always admired Garry's contribution to the Alerion Express brand and to the sport of sailing. The Alerion Yacht brand has a great story and purpose. Passionate sailors need a great daysailer in their lives."

    Alerion Yacht's builder will be Randy Borges, who has established a new factory in North Kingstown, RI, to produce Alerion Yachts exclusively. Borges may be known for building and preparing world champion racing yachts, but his true strength is lesser known as the builder for the Alerion brand for the past five years. "He's produced gorgeous yachts, epitomized by the stunning flagship Alerion Express 41," says Johnstone. "Randy and his core team are the reason for Alerion Yachts' renown quality. I saw this years ago. My Herreshoff 26' Feather was beautifully built by Randy."

    Only eight Alerion Yachts will be built in 2018. The focus will be on producing extraordinary yachts by the finest craftsmen. The new Alerion Yachts model line-up consists of the five most in-demand models: the Alerion Express 20, 28, 30, 33 and 41. Sales are being handled by Peter Johnstone and Kristan McClintock of the Alerion Yachts sales team.

    "We look forward to seeing Alerion Yachts continue to thrive," says Johnstone. "Life is short. Let's make every hour of sailing extraordinary."
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    Some great news there!

    Carl Schumacher would be very pleased!


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      Fantastic news!

      Too nice of a day cruiser to let die on the vine!