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The new ambitions of Arnaud Boissières

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  • The new ambitions of Arnaud Boissières

    Arnaud Boissièrs's new IMOCA 60 just splashed in Les Sables d'Ohlonne, a very impressive step up for the French
    Single Handed Ocean Racer. Attached is an article from IMOCA Ocean Masters to give a tad bit of insight on Arnaud:


    The new ambitions of Arnaud Boissières
    It is with a large-scale project that Arnaud Boissières commits herself without a new IMOCA campaign, culminating in a fourth participation in the Vendée Globe in 2020. After having finalized the handover of her former boat to Manuel Cousin during the Transat Jacques Vabre (11th), Arnaud will soon be in the hands of a new medium, the ex-Ecover Mike Golding. The installation of foils has been entrusted to Michel Desjoyeaux's Mer Agitée team, which is expected to make other important structural changes. What really boost the performance of this plan Owen Clarke 2007. Meet his new skipper.

    Arnaud, what is your assessment of the Transat Jacques Vabre, played with Manuel Cousin, now the owner of your old boat?

    "Very good ! Goal number one was that everything goes well humanly and technically. Mission accomplished because we have completed the course. Our race has been cautious, maybe too much sometimes and my only downside is not being able to hang La Fabrique and Vivo in Beira more. But we had a good battle against Fabrice (Amedeo, associated with Giancarlo Pedote, NDR).

    The handover with Manuel Cousin went very well. Manu is a knowledgeable amateur who becomes professional. He needed my help to take control of the boat more quickly. I'm attached to this Farr plan, I want it to continue to have a good life, and it will certainly be the case with Manu and his team. They are in love with this IMOCA, they will pamper it. It will be at Les Sables d'Olonne on the same pontoon as my new boat, and our workshops will be side by side. So there will be two beautiful IMOCA projects at Les Sables, it's a beautiful dynamic. "

    Why did you choose to separate from your Farr plan to buy the old Ecover from Mike Golding, an IMOCA of the same generation?

    "For a question of weight and hull. Owen Clarke plans are more tolerant and scalable to accept the addition of foils and therefore increase performance. Moreover, to go on a new support allows to tell a different story. Going for performance on an "old" boat is an intellectually stimulating technical project. "

    "A boat as powerful as the former Master CoQ"
    A large-scale project is underway at Mer Agitée in Port-la-Forêt, and the addition of foils is not the only optimization ...

    " Effectively. Foils are the most visible part. But we also install a mast with outriggers, we retreat the mast foot of 90 cm, we put lifting rudders, we work on the ballasts that go from ten to four ... We want to launch a custom boat and also powerful that former Master CoQ (with which Jérémie Beyou finished 3rd of the Vendée Globe 2016-2017, NDR) became Initiatives-Heart. It is a reference for us because, to this day, it is the only old generation boat to have been equipped with foils. "

    When is the release scheduled?

    "The boatyard started last July and the boat should be out of Mer Agitée in mid January. The bulk of the work will be done, the structure will be finished but there will remain many items to finalize at Les Sables d'Olonne: deck hardware, hydraulics, electronics, decoration. The real release is scheduled for mid-March. The goal is to navigate quickly because important work of handling and technical testing is expected. Especially since a new setting foil is allowed in navigation, the rake (the angle of incidence from front to back, and vice versa, NDR). "

    "Enchaining the Route du Rhum and the Barcelona World Race"

    How are you preparing for the big event of the 2018 season, the Route du Rhum?

    "The first meeting will be the Grand Prix Guyader in Douarnenez. Then there will probably be a rally race alone between Douarnenez and Cascais (Portugal), qualifying for the Route du Rhum. Rum is a legendary race, a rendez-vous not to be missed and we expect about twenty IMOCA at the start. For my first transat with my new boat, it will be a big challenge and I will do my best to do well. It puts a little pressure! "

    Have you entered in your program the Barcelona World Race, the double world tour starting on January 12, 2019?

    "Yes, I'm going to follow the Route du Rhum and the Barcelona World Race. The program promises to be busy but I want to prepare the best Vendée Globe 2020. This double world tour is an interesting formula, it allows to go around the world in a more secure way. For the second leg between Sydney and Barcelona I will embark Etienne Carra. I have not yet chosen my teammate for the first step. "

    Very optimized boat, complete sporting preparation: you will be able to approach the Vendée Globe 2020 with a project more competitive sporting ...
    "Yes, everything is there to make progress. If I have a problem for the 2015-2017 cycle, it is to have lacked the financial means to draw the full potential of my IMOCA. I wanted to leave for a fourth Vendée Globe in 2020, but with a different boat, equipped with the latest technologies. In 2012-2013, Mike Golding completed the Vendée Globe in 88 days. In 2020, aboard this very optimized IMOCA, I hope to do better ... "
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