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Monofoil Gonet Test Flights Successful!

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  • Doug Lord
    In just her second race*, the Gonet Monofoiler was 34th overall out of 349+ boats in very light air-even beating a few M1 & M2 cats. But the real cool thing is that this boat is a foiler that was faced with extreme light air and still was able to get second in her class. I've seen lots of comments that implied that if a boat is a foiler it won't do well in light air-nonsense. The Monofoiler proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that a foiler can be designed to perform well throughout the wind range.

    *BOL D'OR 2018

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  • Doug Lord
    Great find-thanks! First (mostly) retractable "V" foils I've seen. Noticed that they have a very deep keel + bulb(like Welbourns Quant23-the first foiling keelboat).

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  • IOR Geezer
    I think I favor this type of foil over the claws they are proposing for the AC, looks less lethal.

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  • Photoboy
    started a topic Monofoil Gonet Test Flights Successful!

    Monofoil Gonet Test Flights Successful!

    The Gonet Monofoil: the latest in Swiss innovation
    Geneva, 17 May 2018
    Designed by Swiss sailor, Eric Monnin, the spectacular foiling monohull will line up for Switzerland’s
    spring classics. The pioneering new boat is a hint of what the next America’s Cup will bring…

    The Gonet Monofoil, developed in the strictest of secrecy for the last two years, will make its mark on the
    sailing world when it lines up on Lake Geneva during the upcoming spring classics. Designed and skippered
    by talented sailor, Eric Monnin in collaboration with Damian Weiss, this innovative creation was built at Weiss
    Yachts with the support of some major names in naval architecture and marine engineering such as, Simon
    Bovay, construction manager, Chris Hill, Clemens Dransfield, structural calculations manager and Jean-
    Claude Monnin. In charge of simulation calculations and foil design, Jean-Claude is Eric’s brother and one
    of the pillars of the Emirates Team New Zealand design team.

    Launched and tested away from prying eyes in the centre of Switzerland, the arrival of the Gonet Monofoil
    on Lake Geneva is hotly anticipated. It will undergo some final tests before preparing for the Swiss regatta

    Eric Monnin's review at the end of the first tests:

    - we have hardly broken anything! The boat is well born and solid!

    - the ship's behavior in flight is very healthy. Even at speeds around the 25 knots we never had a feeling of insecurity.

    - flight speeds are impressive, our target speed is 16-18 knots and we are easily dépassons the 20 nds. And as soon as the wind exceeds 15 nds we are 25 nds or more.

    - the boat is very stable and steep in the canvas, we sailed in 25 nds of wind without any problems.

    - the boat is very nice to see in navigation.

    - the boat is pleasant to sail.

    Photo Credit: © Loris Von Siebenthal. Com

    The Gonet Monofoil was imagined and designed before the America’s Cup made its spectacular and
    unexpected move to the flying monohull. “For a long time, I’ve been watching the extraordinary performance
    of foiling sailing boats,” said designer Eric Monnin. “Several impressive monohull projects have been
    developed since the success of the foiling Moth, such as the Quant 23, but it is still an evolving area, and
    I’ve always found that there is something missing.”

    The Gonet Monofoil is packed full of innovations. The foils are spectacularly pioneering, but the devil is in
    the detail and it is the minutiae, designed to simplify sailing and allow for adjustments to the boat at different
    speeds, that is the most staggering. “It’s a modest sailing boat size-wise, measuring only eight metres, but it
    has the potential to win the Bol d’Or if the weather conditions are favourable,” predicted Monnin.
    The first sail trials demonstrated the Gonet Monofoil’s prodigious pedigree: steady on its foils, it quickly
    notched up 25 knots (approx. 50km/h). Sailed by four crew, it weighs 850kgs and has a relatively modest
    80m2 sail area which makes it easier to handle.

    Gonet & Cie SA, located in Geneva and Lausanne on the shores of Lake Geneva, is the title sponsor of this
    new sailing adventure. The bank has a long history of success on Lake Geneva and as winners of the 2006
    Bol d’Or with a Decision 35 and sponsor of two foiling prototypes from 2009 to 2012, it is returning to the
    leading edge of innovation with enthusiasm. “The lake and sailing are part of our DNA. We have always been
    passionate about innovation and we are proud of our region,” said Nicolas Gonet, CEO. “We were seduced
    by Eric Monnin’s project, which combines precision and daring and gives us the opportunity to support an
    exciting sports and technology mission.”

    Gonet Group in brief
    The Gonet Group has a staff of 120 and is present in Geneva (head office), Lausanne, Nassau and Abu
    Dhabi. Founded in 1845, it has always been involved in wealth management for Swiss and international
    private clients. It also includes Gonet Conseils Finances SA, a company specialising in providence planning,
    insurance, mortgage financing and fiduciary services, as well as the funds distribution company Gonet La
    Française Advisors SA.