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    Images from a mysterious foiling outfit have begun to surface.
    It appears to be about 18' long, carbon with racks. Perhaps a modified 18' Skiff from the European circuit?
    Query has been sent....

    Stay tuned

    JUST IN!!!

    69F is an integrated One Design Boat / Virtual Race / Lifestyle format.

    The project 69F is realized by sailors, athletes, managers and men of communication who believe in the future of sailing hydrofoil and its affirmation in the world of professional regattas as well as in the world of lifestyle and amateur sport.

    The idea came from Maciel Cicho Cicchetti and Dede Deluca who, in contact with Nahuel Wilson and Laureano Marquinez, the Argentine designers of the the boat, immediately understood its potential.

    The crowded agenda and the awareness that the project would have required fresh energies, they have entrusted the initiative with the experience of Giorgio Benussi and the enthusiasm of Umberto De Luca and Zeno Casti.

    This is an already well-oiled team because everyone is part of "Fair Play", an association founded to promote the culture and values of sport in the world of business, with the aim of encouraging fair play between brands and sporting events.
    Among other things, they have recently worked on behalf of "Volvo Ocean Race" following their relations with Italian advertisers.

    Innovation and challenge.
    Like smartphones, digital cameras and ultralight notebooks, foiling is the greatest innovation of the last 50 years in the world of sailing.
    It will bring the sport to the next level.

    The America's Cup is the most striking example of this trend, but there are examples where, with lower budgets, even much smaller boats evolve including motor boats, windsurfing, kitesurfing.

    The challenge today is that of budgets, that is to be able to achieve high-performance boats with resources accessible to a larger number of enthusiasts and professionals.

    69F interprets this challenge to the fullest by integrating three project levels and three strategic objectives in a single format.

    69F has three components:
    - Sport, made up of athletes
    - Communication, developed by MKTG professionals and journalists
    - Technology, interpreted by "Digital Sailing" specialists.

    The synergistic goal of these three souls is to propose to the international market an integrated format consisting of:

    - A model of original and unprecedented foiling boat: at 6.90m, the 69F is a small, very light yet stable design that bridges the gap in high-performance sportboats between the fastest displacement class and a true foiling sportboat. With a crew of three, the boat has racks rather than trapezes for easier manoeuvres and safer navigation, V-shaped lifting foils, a T-shaped rudder, a lifting fin, and 40sqm (78sqm downwind) of sail to propel only 360kg in boat weight plus another 270kg in crew. The 69F is suitable both for professional use and for high and medium level sportsboat sailors who want to take a step into the monohull foiling world in the easiest and safest way possible.

    - A digital regatta model that overcomes the limits of the current departure management, buoy positioning and penalty management through remote digital control

    - A challenge among "one-design" boats owned by the shipowners or made available by the organizers

    - A social and media communication that puts forward, together with the sports components, a strong "lifestyle" personality supported, in terms of content, by the active participation of shipowners, crews and by a series of activities ancillary to the regattas realized by the 69F staff with the support of prestigious and qualified sponsors.

    The precondition for this initiative is sustainability, including environmental sustainability.
    The reference target of the entire operation has the center of gravity on the "Millennials generation", that is, on the most active portion of consumers on social networks and more sensitive both to the contents of the network and to the use of multimedia devices and new technologies.

    TEAM 69F
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    I wonder how much one of those would set you back?


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      69F upwind foiling: