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Merlins Ongoing Transformation Updated!

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  • Merlins Ongoing Transformation Updated!

    At Decho Marine, Merlin has undergone a transformation forward and back in time.

    Gone is the dark blue hull and repainted to original glory, with renovations across the board
    and a sleeker, smoother cabin top among a large list. Chris Watts, the multi faceted man with
    a sawzall and epoxy trowel provides the pics and the highlights!

    New cockpit cut out all the way to transom, cut 18”off back of cabin to extend cockpit forward,
    new pedestal and primaries, new secondary winches, new under deck mainsheet system,
    new clutch systems on cabin top, runners moved forward, rudder moved forward 7’ and added kelp cutter,
    new steering systems and larger wheel, carbon quadrant, carbon chainplates moved inboard, new carbon rig,
    boom and rigging, new engine and sail drive, moved fuel tank forward, lithium batteries, interior modifications to galley area.

    The directions given were make it easier and safer to sail, faster and rate better. The last one we did not try hard on, we just want to go fast!

    Because FastisFun

    Note: Merlin shall return to NorCal after the TransPac and will be sailing in Santa Cruz then SF Bay and will be entered in to The Big Boat Series!
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    Looking very nice!


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      Maybe I can crawl into a sail bag and hide until it's time to pop the chute?


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        Looking very nice!