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    As EVK4 suggested, moving on . . .

    My sprit boat collects some water in the forepeak, down at the knuckle (as much as a half-gallon right where you don't want weight) because there is no limber hole to drain it aft. The bulkhead requiring the hole appears to be glass/gelcoat covered plywood and is glassed in all around.

    I plan to drill through it as close to the bottom as possible (scary!) and epoxy a tube through it. Any tips, especially with tubing material that will never deteriorate and will like epoxy? Other thoughts?

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    A piece of 1" OD Vernatube should work. You could use also use G10 tube. Seal the exposed edge grain of the plywood with epoxy resin before you glue in the limber tube. I would consider drilling the hole in the bulkhead smaller than the tube diameter, then using a die grinder to finish the hole and get the tube as low as possible.
    Paul R. Kotzebue, PE