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  • Mercury fleet

    Seems like a competitive fleet using low cost/low maintenance boats. Questions:
    1. What's a reasonable price range? Decent beater that maybe needs some re-rigging but can be competitive? Boats for sale section on the class website has a few boats, but only 1 n ames a price and I think they accidentially put a Moore 24 price in there.
    2. Good fleet? Pros? Cons? Cool people? Protest-prone?
    3. Where in SF Bay do most of them live? Alameda?
    4. How much traveling does everyone really do? Huntington Lake looks fun and all, but do people road trip it to LA a alot? LA boats come up here a lot or only for Nationals and stuff?

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    The timing of this thread is most excellent!! I was asked by I guy I have been sailing with for a few seasons if I would be interested in crewing for him on his Mercury. Any information on the fleet where they sail and what the season is like would be greatly appreciated.


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      The fast guys mess with the mast downwind (lowers off, rake forward). Weight forward to reduce wetted surface. A bit tweakier boat than you'd expect.

      Great class from what I've heard.

      Mercury Class