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    Try this: Ever get your fingers clipped when releasing a snap-shackle? I know I have and it ain't fun! Got a friend in Portugal who is CONSTANTLY complaining about the ability of the shackle to maim his poor little hands, so I sat down and figger'd out this for his shackle rings:

    Easy-peezy. $15 each. 4" long and the star on the end gives a convenient pull-point, even in heavy weather with lots of water all over everything. Reeve your split-ring thru the thimble and the pin-hole and you're in business.

    Available in white, red, black, blue, maroon or.... you tell me what colours you want to code the snaps.

    AND, they're PURTY!

    "Hey! Pull the RED one!"... "Hey! Pull the GREEN one!"

    Another fine product/service from...