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  • The Flying Nikka Splashes

    "FlyingNikkais in the water! Incredible effort by King Marine, project manager Miguel Costa, and all the systems suppliers to get this complex and challenging design first imagined by Roberto Lacorte to the water on a schedule set a year ago. Congratulations and thanks to all."
    Mark Mills

    Designed by a team coordinated by Irish designer Mark Mills of Studio Mills Design, FlyingNikka , 19 meters long and equipped with latest generation appendages that will allow you to navigate in full foiling exceeding 40 knots of speed, will be built in Valencia, at the King shipyard. Marine, based on the latest technologies in composite processing.

    A different, avant-garde boat projected into the future, the “first of a new generation of offshore monohulls”, as Roberto Lacorte perfectly summarized. A real "crack", with launch scheduled for the summer of 2022, an evolved version suitable for the long voyages of the AC 75 protagonists of the last edition of the America's Cup, with which to hunt for victory (and related records) in the main coastal and offshore regattas. A flying boat ready to amaze, which will be able to race with an ORC tonnage certificate thanks to the close collaboration with the Offshore Racing Congress for the definition of the VPP relative to full foil boats.

    "FlyingNikka is the most exciting design project outside of the America's Cup at the moment. We will take a lot of ideas from the AC75 and put them together in a package that is easier to use, affordable and able to sail in a wider range of conditions" explains

    Mark Mills.

    “The design of such a boat is very demanding, so we have assembled a team of specialists, a group of 10 men with experience in 3 of the 4 teams of the last America's Cup. Our KND R&D partners will provide the analytical tools. to evaluate the new design topography, with the aerodynamic contribution of North Sails specialists, while

    Pure Engineering will provide the technical expertise to produce the lightest and most reliable platform possible. The first six months of preliminary design work focused on the validity of the basic idea, using the Gomboc dynamic simulator developed by Team New Zealand ans the VPP North Sails Group to evaluate various configurations and geometries of the foils, in flight and in flight mode. displacement. Led by its founder Giovanni Belgrano , Pure has developed a completely new wing joint solution to reduce the cost of foil and improve the reliability of a project operating outside the specific weather conditions of the America's Cup. Our vision for design ”,continues Mills enthusiastically, “It is a simple and robust platform capable of having all the requisites necessary to participate in traditional offshore regattas, starting with the certification relating to the
    Offshore Special Regulations.

    shape of the FlyingNikka's hull will be different from the AC75, because the contact with the water surface will be greater. The management of the foils and all the on-board hydraulic systems will involve only 5 people, allowing the helmsman to concentrate on navigation without having to directly control the height of the flight. The team can count on the experienced Project Manager Micky Costa , which plays a crucial role in the project, since it is the link between designers, builder and crew, to be able to create a reliable, simple and effective boat ".

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