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  • All Gussied Up

    Phil MacFarlane's well traveled Ericson 35' Sail la Vie heads out of the estuary after getting a nice new dodger
    installed, to complete a very long term renovation and restoration.

    The old girl is entered in the 2016 Baja Ha-Ha and then intends to spend some quality time south of the border, cruising in the Mexican sunshine.
    A much easier life than the paces she was put through during numerous offshore campaigns via Phil's racier SSS days, Phil intends on doing
    some short stints exploring Baja and the Mexican Riviera with good company at a mellower pace than blasting around the Gulf of the Farallones and north pacific alone.
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    Pretty boat, I've always like the Ericson line of boats. I looked at one when I was younger and have liked them since. Fancy sails too, but the hand grabs leading to the diving board on the back are distracting.

    Totally jealous of going causing. Maybe in a couple of years I can start and then try to catch up him.


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      Phil has spent fourteen thousand, eight hundred forty two hours, thirty five minutes and fifty three seconds, not to mention **cough** dollars on the restoration to end all restorations on Sail A Vie. 1.) Phil, you're crazy. 2.) she sure is pretty. 3.) Have a blast!