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  • High School Sailing

    High School sailing seems like a slice of our sport that gets passed over by the media. It was with great affection and admiration for the young sailors that we posted a sequence of a crew overboard (we called him BOB). Thanks to Sergei Zavarin for the photos. See

    Any high school sailors out there? Parents? Coaches? Tell us all about it.

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    Unfortunately for me, my school added sailing after I graduated. One my crew here is actually the coach of my old HS now too.
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      We made sailboats out of milk cartons at a nearby lake while skipping history class once.
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        StFYC high school championships

        Blew hard and heavy for about an hour last Saturday after a length beach party/delay....

        Some of the kids were just dressed in shorts...brrrrrr
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          That looks like trouble, in a good way