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  • Surf Citys 505 Tune Up Images

    Surf City Racing has provided us with some impressive imagery from last weekend wicked
    big fun big swell racing action on 505's in Santa Cruz! Thanks guys!

    This past weekend saw 10 505's turn up in Santa Cruz for the first event on the open ocean this year despite a fairly inclement forecast that proved to be under estimating for Saturday and over estimating for Sunday.

    First time PRO Bruce Edwards with race track assistance from Adam Borcherding and Shane Illidge keeping us safe and laying excellent courses ran four races on Saturday. All windward/leeward with gate starts. The races were held in breeze generally between about 14 and 18 knots with occasional lighter bits and some times slightly more…. Adding to the fun was a pretty large north westerly swell. Racing was pretty fun and tight at the turns. Andy and Howie won the first one after some lead changing on the first run from Paul and Mike. The following three races Carl and I got the boat back in gear and ended the day with three wins in a row. Behind us Andy/Howie and Paul/Mike swapped 2’s and 3’s. Behind them Pat and Jeff were owning 4th and Parry and Augie were putting a lock on 5th. Sadly Chuck and Steve decided time was up on one of the last Proctor D’s in California.

    Sunday dawned cloudy and breezy with the wind coming out of the South. For those of you familiar with Santa Cruz that is slightly left of straight out of the Harbor entrance, pretty unusual direction for us. Bruce and team set up with a start area a couple of hundred yards out and with a nasty chop on top of the swell race 5 was started. By the windward mark the breeze was probably past 20 knots and a pretty full on run followed. After 2 laps Carl and I crossed first with Andy/Howie 2nd, Paul/Mike 3rd. With the breeze building quickly, the waves following suit and the threat of rain on the horizon Bruce took the smart option and sent us all in.

    Many thanks to Bruce, Adam, Shane and Jeremy for laying marks, starting races and keeping us safe!

    ~Mike Holt~
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery