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Hamlin/Zinn Lead In 505 Pre-Worlds

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  • Hamlin/Zinn Lead In 505 Pre-Worlds

    Another beautiful day in La Rochelle saw our sailors take to the water for the 3rd and 4th races of the Pre-Worlds and the French International Cup - a warm up to the approaching SAP 5O5 World Championship.

    All images © SAP/2012_5o5_Worlds

    Racing started a little later today at 15:00 due to inconsistent wind conditions, which had already pushed back the first race. Finally the wind stabilised at an average speed of 13 knots blowing north-westerly, much to the delight of the sailors who were eager to experience some more challenging conditions compared to yesterday’s relatively calm weather.

    So after two days of exhilarating Pre-Worlds action it is the British, Germans, and Americans who are currently dominating the podium. However, it is also worth noting the absence of some of the top German teams who appear to be saving themselves for the SAP 5O5 World Championship, which begins on the 21st July. ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~

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    Day 1 SAP 5o5 Worlds

    The SAP 5O5 World Championship kicked off in sunny conditions this afternoon in La Rochelle, France. With a light South Westerly breeze forecast the race officials took the decision to keep the 187 boat fleet ashore, opting for a four hour postponement to allow sufficient conditions for the fleet to launch. As the fleet took to the water the breeze steadily increased to 15kts allowing the race committee to get the first race underway.

    President of the race committee Piere Lemaire commented “We have already had a fantastic SAP 505 Pre-World Championship with 6 races sailed giving visiting crews the chance to practice in the La Rochelle waters. This year’s SAP 505 World Championship got off to a great start today, we were able to run two races in some great conditions in spite of the extremely large number of teams on the water (188 boats – 396 Sailors) we witnessed quite a spectacle this afternoon most notably when the fleet returned from the windward mark with spinnakers hoisted!”

    Results from day 1 were as follows.
    Race 1
    1. Stefan BOHM / Gerald ROOS – GER 9035
    2. Christian KELLNER / Martin SHOELER – GER 9090
    3. Ian PINNEL / Ian MITCHELL – GBR 9094
    Race 2

    1. Wolfgang HUNGER / Julien KLEINER – GER 9071
    2. Christian KELLNER / Martin SHOELER – GER 9090
    3. Morten BOGACKI / Lars DEHNE – GER 9054

    Overall Results after 2 races
    1. Christian KELLNER / Martin SHOELER – GER 9090 4 points
    2. Ian PINNEL / Ian MITCHELL – GBR 9094 9 points
    3. Morten BOGACKI / Lars DEHNE – GER 9054 11 points

    Current best USA Teams:

    8th Mike Holt/Rob Woelfel 16 points

    10th Howard Hamlin/Andy Zinn 21 points

    14th Edward Conrads/Brians Haines 27 points

    16th Tyler Moore/ Geooff Ewenson 34 points

    22nd Bruce Edwards/David Shelton 47 points

    Full Results ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~


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      Originally posted by Max Headway View Post

      Rob Woelfel, hiked the fuck out. Ex-FastBottoms hull cleaner. I crewed on his Capri 30, Buzz Lightyear. Good times. Go Rob & Mike!
      Clean bottoms are FastBottoms!


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        A couple quotes...

        We were able to catch Mike Holt and Howie Hamlin this AM before they headed out to the course for a little participant insight...

        Day one is now over and the sun is up ready for day two!

        Yesterday we were wisely held ashore for four hours by the PRO while the sea breeze settled to be sent out in around 10-12 knots and bright sunshine. The race track certainly favors the right hand corner in the sea breeze and the leaders came out of the right corner in race 1. Stefan Bohm and Gerrald Roos came out on top in race one. Race two was a near carbon copy for the conditions but this time Wolfgang Hunger and Julien Kleiner won, giving the Germans wins in both races. However it was Christian Kellner and Martin Scholer also from Germany who had the best day with a pair of twos and Ian Pinnel and Ian Mitchell from the UK in second with a 3/6.

        We ended the day as the better USA team with a 5/11 Howie and Andy close behind with a 12/9. Consistency is going to be key here with 190 boats on the line and a serious amount of talent in the fleet. A very tough 7 more races to come!

        Mike Holt
        IO Integration, Inc

        It has been like Long Beach, sea breeze conditions and go right. With 190 boats it is interesting.

        Howard Hamlin
        " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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