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Conrads & Baines Lead Americans in 5o5 Worlds

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  • Conrads & Baines Lead Americans in 5o5 Worlds

    Edward Conrads and Brian Haines of the StFYC are currently sitting in 5th place in the 2012 SAP 5o5 Worlds after 6 races with 39 Points, the top American team. With a bullet in the 4th race and no worse than a 20 in the their results column, the team trails the top German team by 12 points and the 2nd place Danish team by 10, but are only 4 point out of 3rd.

    Hamlin/Zinn are currently 4 places back with 55 points followed immediately by Moore and Ewenson in 10th with 59 Points. Mike Holt and Brian Woefel from the SCYC were in great position until a DSQ in race 4 followed by a 45th in race 6 pushed them back to 22nd

    With 185 boats on the line, we asked Howie Hamlin why the big draw, and his best guess is that it's a really nice place to sail, and the Germans have a really big fleet, and many big regattas and their boats and sails are much more standardized. The fleet is heavily favored with Europeans, 84 registered which are French, 28 German teams, 21 from the UK with a sparse sampling from Ireland, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium and Italy. The US sent over 16 boats and the Aussies shipped up 10. There is also the factor that Germanys SAP, run by long time 5o5 sailor Hasso Plattner has heap up a ton of money and technology to aid the 505 fleet.

    all images © SAP Sponsorships

    Some of the cool technology Hasso's compand has developed is there sailing analytics
    sailing anaylitics and their post race Dashboard
    which enables sailors to evaluate their races and compare to others, hopefully presenting some logical arguments which may help them on the race course. Between the monies spent between Hasso and SAP and his business rival Larry Ellison's Oracle over the past decade or so, you really have to appreciate the benefits sailing has enjoyed with two of technology's titans contributing in slightly different ways.

    But back to the action on the course, where racing now continues after a lay day.

    On day three of the SAP 505 World Championship variable and shifty conditions have affected the top positions. Today’s wind of 8 knots came from the easterly direction however the land effect gave the opportunity to the light air specialists to monopolize.

    The American team of Conrads and Haines took the early lead in the first race of the day, currently ranked 14th placed boat in the regatta. The leaders were making huge gains opting to beat towards the beach, team Conrads/Haines win boosts them an incredible 9 positions up the leaderboard to 5th overall.

    With a lay day scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday 24th July) many crews will be making the most of the time by taking in the surrounding area of La Rochelle and preparing themselves for race 6 of the 2012 SAP 505 World Championship – Racing will resume at 13:00 CET on Wednesday 25th July at

    Results from day 3 were as follows.

    Race 4
    1. Edward CONRADS / Brian HAINES – USA 9091
    2. Sophie HEYER / Sebastian SALEIN – GER 9059
    3. Jan SAUGMANN / Martin GORGE – DEN 8964

    Race 5
    1. Jan SAUGMANN / Martin GORGE – DEN 8964
    2. Wolfgang HUNGER / Julien KLEINER – GER 9071
    3. Serge GUBRI / Thibault DI PEDE – FRA 8900

    Overall after 5 races
    1. Christian KELLNER / Martin SCHOELER – GER 9090
    2. Jan SAUGMANN / Martin GORGE – DEN 8964
    3. Morten BOGACKI / Lars DEHNE – GER 9054
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