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Chad's Angels: The First All American, All Woman Aussie 18 Team

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  • Chad's Angels: The First All American, All Woman Aussie 18 Team

    The Skiff Sailing Foundation, lead by Chad Freitas, has announced that their pink Aussie 18 "Love Machine" will be campaigned in 2013 with an all women's team comprised of skipper Katie Love and crews Emma Shaw and Christine Neville. Their ultimate goal is to be the first all woman American team to race in the JJ Giltinan Trophy regatta, held in Sydney, Australia. Never before has an all women team competed in the elite JJ Giltinan Trophy, which is considered the Aussie 18 Skiff World Championship.

    Watch their first video here:

    And check the Skiff Sailing Foundation website for updates:

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      Introducing Chads Angels 2013 JJ Giltinans Challenge Team

      The 18' skiff is the original extreme dinghy. It's light weight, massive sail area and delicate balance rewards timing, balance, crew coordination and fearlessness. For decades it's been primarily a man's game, brut and brawn muscling the boats about the race course, challenging the wind, the currents, fatigue and gear failure. They are delicate yet powerful, complex machines which take precise teamwork to function to their full potential.

      In Spring of 2013, in Sydney Harbor, the birthplace and home of the 18's World Championships, the JJ Giltinans are set to host not 1, but two all female teams for the 1st time. Earlier this summer, the "Skiff Chicks Racing" featuring Alexandra ‘Alex’ South (daughter of former Giltinan champion Adam South) team was announced become the first all-girl team to contest the Giltinan Championship since it began in 1938”.

      San Francisco Bay native, Katie Love has been sailing the Aussie Skiff locally on S.F. Bay for several season's also feels the time is right, and has assembled another all girl team, this one from the US, to take on the boys in OZ as well as the girls of SCR in Sydney. Chads Angels, which is supported and coached by Chad Frietas of Skiff

      "The 18 foot skiff is at the top of the line of high performance sailing, and is one of the most mentally, and physically challenging boats on the water. The boat requires a certain kind of strength and courage, and is rarely sailed by women; but in the past three years Katie Love has been flying around San Francisco Bay on her pink 18 foot skiff.

      In 2010, Katie had the first all-woman team to compete in the annual
      International 18 Foot Skiff Championship held by St. Francis Yacht Club. Katie also continues to be one of the only girls to sail the entire event three years in a row. Now, in 2013 Katie and her team are determined to be the First American All-Woman Team at the J.J. Giltinan Championship, and the first ever all-women’s team to complete the event.

      Chad's Angels 18 Foot Skiff Campaign is valuable to the sailing community worldwide. The Australian 18 Foot Skiff is a boat that cannot be sailed by the average sailor. An Australian 18 Foot Skiff sailor is typically a tall and strong man,
      but today three girls will change the record. Worldwide we will prove to young girls that you can do anything that you set your mind to.

      This sport lacks women and especially lacks women in high-performance boats. We hope to be role-models for young girls everywhere, as well as encourage and grow the skiff sailing community worldwide. Accomplishing this dream will make history, and give confidence to all. There is nothing better than being part of a dream that will continue to live for generations to come.

      We asked the three gals, Katie, Emma and Christine a quick 10 questions, here are their replies!

      Katie Love




      Recent California Maritime Academy graduate, now working for a towing company as a mate in the wheelhouse.

      Began sailing when? On what?

      [I]My mom would take me out on her star boat when I was a baby, but started sailing at 6 on my own in a Naples Sabot at San Diego Yacht Club.
      Boats sailed on: laser radials, 470's, International 14's, 18's, 29ers, high school sailing, keelboats of all sizes, and recently 49ers.

      Favorite position?


      Most awesome sailor?

      J.J. Fetter

      Best day sailing ever?

      A great sailing day this year was Bridge 2 Bridge. This year B2B was great! It was a fairly windy day and we were prepared with a heavy air crew. We were going very fast skipping down the city front next to Woody. After exchanging a few jybes with Woody we decided to get some more breeze near Alcatraz. Near Alcatraz we had to jybe to avoid a ferry and flipped right in its wake. We almost saved the capsize, but we didn't and the boat went down like the Titanic next to the Volvo Extreme 40. After we got the boat up we realized we were still in the race and next to JV Gilmour. The rest of race we were in a jybing duel with the red boat flying over ferry wakes into the finish! We finished 6th out of 18 boats in our fleet.

      Worst day sailing ever?

      there are no bad days in sailing, just learning experiences.

      I want to sail in the JJ's because?

      I want to sail the JJ's because it has been a dream and goal of mine for quite some time. On rainy days in junior program we would watch the Extreme Skiffs movie, which was a video on the legendary Grand Prix 18' Skiff racing. I always wanted to sail one of these contraptions and finally got the chance. Now that I have been racing the 18 for a few years in extreme San Francisco Bay conditions, I would like to try my luck in Australia. Not only do I want to go to Australia to race the world championship, the pinnacle event for the 18, but I want to show the world what a good women's 18 team can do. Accomplishing this race will bring confidence to young women sailors worldwide and fulfill a life-long dream of mine.

      When I grow up. I want to be like Woody (John Winning Sr) because?

      When I grow up I want to be like Woody because there are very few people that have passion for sailing. Woody keeps one of the best racing platforms alive year after year. Woody is a great leader for the fleet in that he continually finds motivation to keep people sailing these high-performance boats. Not only is Woody the ring leader of these crazy skiffies, but he is out there racing every week. You tell people that you sail an 18 and typically the response is, "I'm too old and out of shape for that kind of stuff, but it looks fun!" Woody is admirable because he is the most salty guy out there that won't stop until the "dirt hits the box," (chad's phrase). Woody is a great role-model on the water, and off the water, I can only hope to be as good as Woody one day.

      Christine Nevelle

      1) Age


      2) Occupation


      3) Began sailing ? On what?

      around age 9 crewing on my uncle's C-Scow on Lake Chautauqua in New York state

      4) Different boats sailed on?

      Mostly Lasers, branching out into the 49er, have also done a little lightning and j-24 racing, and some time on the f-18 catamaran

      5) Favorite position?

      Of course I am used to doing everything myself on my laser, so I am interested in learning how to do all the positions on the skiff too. The cool thing about skiffs is that each position is really important.

      6) Most awesome sailor out there?

      Peter Seidenberg

      7) Best day sailing ever?
      A crazy big wave surfing day at a Ft. Lauderdale Laser regatta last winter. We were close to shore so the biggest waves were breaking on us.

      8) Worst sailing day ever?
      Probably a light air race day in a keelboat that I have erased from memory.

      9) I want to sail in the JJ's because?
      It is where it all started. There is such a history of high performance sailing and development of 18 foot skiffs in Sydney harbor. I expect to learn a ton.

      10) When I grow up. I want to be like Woody (John Winning Sr) because?
      I still want to have a passion for exciting sailing when I "grow up".

      Emma Shaw

      1) Age?
      20, almost there!

      2) Occupation?

      I am a Sailing instructor in the SF bay during the summers, but otherwise a full time student and Sailing Team Captain at UC Santa Cruz studying Earth Sciences and Environmental Studies.

      3) Began sailing ? On what?

      Began sailing when I was 9 on Optis and FJs at Treasure Island Sailing Center. I helped start the racing program there when I was 12 or 13 and continued racing into highschool and college.

      4) Different boats sailed on?

      International 14, 29er, 49er, International Canoe, FJs, Moore 24, Santa Cruz 50, Aussie 18

      5) Favorite position?

      That’s inappropriate! It depends on the boat, I have a certain place in my heart for crewing on small boats, but I love driving too. As long as the boats going fast, I’ll do whatever it takes to get there.

      6) Most awesome sailor out there?

      That’s really tough question, because I have a lot of respect for a lot of people out there. There are some really talented sailors that fly under the radar. I think a lot of us in the bay owe our sailing careers to Chad Freitas, our coach. He’s not only a bad ass sailor but has helped so many of us harness this crazy passion we call sailing.

      7) Best day sailing ever?

      Probably the first day I ever went skiff sailing, I was hooked!

      8) Worst sailing day ever?

      ‘Worst’ is strong word, ‘disastrous’ would be better to describe it, Katie Love and myself sailed a 49er from RYC around angel island, and capsized in the middle of the bay at max flood. We ended up standing on little Alcatraz and having to abandon the boat to get a protector to salvage the boat with. I should also mention that this was during Big Boat Series, and I think we were quite the spectacle for everyone trying to race around us! But you learn pretty quick in skiff sailing that if you haven’t ended up on the rocks yet, you will some time. I’m glad to say that’s in my past!

      9) I want to sail in the JJ's because?

      It would be bad ass. It’s something I’ve dreamt of for a while. I feel like a lot of people have dreams that they just forget or let slip by. Any young sailor that’s spent a rainy day watching Awesome Aussie Skiffs has wished that one day they could do that. I’m not the type of person to let that pass me by. I’m not trying to prove anything to anyone, except that if you want something you have to go for it.

      10) When I grow up. I want to be like Woody (John Winning Sr) because

      I would like to be like anyone who shows as much passion for the sport and for racing as Woody.

      Christine Neville, Emma Shaw and Katie Love

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