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Radical 18' Rotating Mast Debutes In Sydney

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  • Radical 18' Rotating Mast Debutes In Sydney

    Jono Whitty's 18' Skiff showed off its's new rotating mast during the NSW Championship on Sydney Harbor. The delta shaped strut supports the rotating mast. The square top jib is a consequence of the strut/wing. Although Jono and crew won the race by 18 seconds, the wind was light, the jury is still out on the overall effectiveness of a rotating mast on a high load skiff.

    Images © Frank Quealey
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    Very interesting.

    If I understand what I'm looking at, this produces the useful mid-sail chord of a headsail without the counterproductive turbulence-inducing, slot-choking, and heeling effects of a jib head, while maintaining the mast bend control of a fractional rig. Did it not also bring the CE forward?

    I also notice that that main sail is really, really flat... and has partial battens in between the full battens. (Will there perhaps come a time when the distinction between "wings" and soft sails becomes blurred to the point of meaninglessness?)

    (Edit: Now as I consider it further, is this mast is rotating in the normal way so the strut is actually bringing the luff of the foresail into the wind? Reverse stay sag?)