Once just another quiet inlet on San Francisco Bay, Isalais Creek next to Pier 80 in San Francisco's Dogpatch has been slowly turning into the mini moth training capital of the West Coast.

With 6-8 moths in the shed, Oracle Team USA and members of American Youth Sailing Force have a mini training area right at their fingertips, with little effort required to launch and get in a brisk work out on afternoons and weekends when not busy on the 45's or the 72.

Coming in for a landing, Tom Slingsby has mastered Isalais Creeks narrow confines and gusty winds. When asked how it related to the foils on the 72', Tom says there are certainly similarities and its helps with the timing and understanding the balance, but the obvious horse power behind the big cat and the team work is a different animal all together.

Getting the moth up and foiling in moderating winds is and art unto itself. Keeping the
moth foiling through gybes and tacks is a whole other level, and Tom was doing a great job at that. The most recent foiling ventures on US 17 reflect that, with team Oracle keeping the boat up much longer and through maneuvers, which will be critical on the race course if the hop to successfully defend the Cup in September

When asked how long it took Tom to master the gist of the foiling Moth, Tom replied "5-7 days" . Keep in mind these guys are world class athletes and Tom admits windsurfing skill helped tremendously, "You just have to go under the sail, instead of around it"

The after work launch pad for Team Oracle is complete with manual hoist, and may require a reservation program or expansion as the season progresses!