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Palma Punishment

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  • Angry Dolphin
    Ouch, she looks like she went on a date with OJ

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  • Photoboy
    started a topic Palma Punishment

    Palma Punishment

    Noora Ruskola & Camilla Cadercreutz, the two Finnish 49er FX sailor participating in Palma were just one of numerous causalities earlier this week, Milla explains:

    "Got a score in two races today... Just before the finishing-line in the third race, we nosedived and during that Noora got hit by something really hard in her face... She got 9 stitches at the first aid station at the club and now we've waited for the doctor for almost 3hours... Let's see what the doctor says about sailing - doesn't look too good though "

    Despite the injury Noora would still like to be out on the course, which of course isn't going to happen...

    Team Gant

    Some additional photos taken by Austrian coach Ivan Bujala, which did not make the front pages earlier this week:

    Images © Ivan Bulaja

    Interviews with some of the gals after the big breeze!