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    While Australia and New Zealand were the driving forces behind the first 32 years of the JJ Giltinan 18 Footer Championship, we mustn’t forget the participation of Fiji as the only other competing nation until the USA in 1970. The Fijians first entry was Alex Bentley’s O’Vuka at the 1950 regatta in Auckland and led to the 1952 series being conducted by the Royal Suva Yacht Club.

    A new 18 Footer was built for the home regatta on Suva Harbour and Laucala Bay and a fleet of ten boats from Australia, New Zealand and Fiji competed. Conditions for the regatta were ideal for light to moderate weather boats, and, like previous venues, tremendous crowds gathered on the waterfront to view the racing.

    The scene in 1952 was vastly different to that of the modern JJ Giltinan Championship, as we can see in the accompanying photos supplied by 18 Footer historian John ‘Steamer’ Stanley.Two Fijian boats Tarua (F.H Gardiner) and Talei (R. Percy) went to the following championship at Auckland in 1954.

    Unfortunately this was the last time Fiji contested the JJ Giltinan Championship.

    Frank Quealey

    Australian 18 Footers League

    Past winners of the J.J. Giltinans:

    1938 Taree Bert Swinbourne Aus
    1939 Manu Geo. Chamberlain NZ
    1948 Crows Nest Bill Hayward Aus
    1949 Marjorie Too Tony Russell Aus
    1950 Komutu Jack Logan NZ
    1951 Myra Too Bill Barnett Aus
    1952 Intrigue Peter Mander NZ
    1954 Intrigue Peter Mander NZ
    1956 Jenny VI Norm Wright Aus
    1958 Jantzen Girl Len Heffernan Aus
    1960 Surprise Bern Skinner NZ
    1961 Venom Ben Lexcen Aus
    1963 Schemer Ken Beashel Aus
    1964 Toogara Cliff Monkhouse Aus
    1965 Travelodge Bob Holmes Aus
    1966 Travelodge Bob Holmes Aus
    1967 Asc Motor Club Don Barnett Aus
    1968 Daily Telegraph Ken Beashel Aus
    1969 Travelodge Bob Holmes Aus
    1970 Thomas Cameron Hugh Treharne Aus
    1971 Travelodge Bob Holmes Aus
    1972 Smirnoff Don Lidgard NZ
    1973 Travelodge Bob Holmes Aus
    1974 Travelodge New Zealand Terry Mc Dell NZ
    1975 KB Dave Porter Aust
    1976 Miles Furniture Stephen Kulmar Aust
    1977 Color 7 Iain Murray Aus
    1978 Color 7 Iain Murray Aus
    1979 Color 7 Iain Murray Aus
    1980 Color 7 Iain Murray Aus
    1981 Color 7 Iain Murray Aus
    1982 Color 7 Iain Murray Aus
    1983 Tia Maria Peter Sorensen Aus
    1984 Tia Maria Peter Sorensen Aus
    1985 Bradmill Robert Brown Aus
    1986 Entrad Robert Brown Aus
    1987 Chesty Bond Trevor Barnabas Aus
    1988 **Chesty Bond Trevor Barnabas
    **Southern Cross Robert Brown
    1989 Prudential Michael Walsh Aus
    1990 Bank of New Zealand Scott Ramsden Aus
    1991 AAMI Julian Bethwaite Aus
    1992 AAMI Julian Bethwaite Aus
    1993 Winfield Racing Michael Spies Aus
    1994 Nokia Neil Cashman Aus
    1995 Winfield Racing Michael Spies Aust
    1996 AEI-Pace Express Stephen Quigley Aus
    1997 Omega Smeg-2UE Trevor Barnabas Aus
    1997 Smeg Trevor Barnabas Aus
    1998 Omega Smeg-2UE Trevor Barnabas Aus
    1999 Rockport Tim Robinson UK
    2000 AMP Centrepoint John Winning Aus
    2001 Rag & Famish Hotel John Harris Aus
    2002 GE-US Challenge Howie Hamlin USA
    2003 GE-US Challenge Howie Hamlin USA
    2004 RMW Marine Rob Greenhalgh UK
    2005 Club Marine Euan Mc Nicol Aus
    2006 Casio Seapathfinder Michael Coxon Aus
    2007 Fiat Michael Coxon Aus
    2008 Gotta Love It 7 Seve Jarvin Aus
    2009 Southern Cross Constructions Euan Mc Nicol Aus
    2010 Gotta Love It 7 Seve Jarvin Aus
    2011 Gotta Love It 7 Seve Jarvin Aus

    ** Denotes Joint Champions
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery