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Local boy and ex-hull cleaner Rob Woelfel wins 505 Worlds!

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  • Local boy and ex-hull cleaner Rob Woelfel wins 505 Worlds!
    Clean bottoms are FastBottoms!

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      Santa Cruz resident Mike Holt teamed up with Rob Woelfel to win the 2014 5o5 Worlds. Mike has been sailing the 5o5
      since 1985 and has never strayed far from the class. Finally, in 2014 , Mike, teaming up with South Lake Tahoe's Rob Woelfel pulled off
      a triple shots of bullets to edge out Autralia's Peter Nicolas and Luke Payne to win the Worlds! We got Mike to slow down for a few seconds to give us some insight into climbing to the top of the heap in one of the most competitive non olympic classes on the planet!

      1) Mike, you have been sailing 5o5's since1985, nearly 30 years, and have finally clinched the big one, how close have you come in previous worlds?

      I sailed my first event in Weymouth, UK in August ’85, the UK Nationals, something like 115 boats, I was crewing and we failed to make the top 100, same the next year! My best previous results were runner up in ’09 and ’11 and 4th last year.

      2) You moved to Santa Cruz in?

      So… I met my lovely wife Annette while racing in the ’92 Worlds in Santa Cruz. We married a year later and moved back and forth a bit until moving back to Santa Cruz in ’01.

      3) Sparring partners in SC?

      Santa Cruz and the whole of CA has a bunch of great 5O5 sailors that we regularly “spar” with, Bruce Edwards and Dave Shelton, Jeff Miller and of course from further afield, Mike Martin and Howie Hamlin to name a very few.

      4) What does your calendar year generally look like for training vs regattas?

      We run a 2 boat program. One in CA and one in Europe. So we try to do a mix of events both side of the Atlantic. The European events get great turn outs and quality so are very important to raise the game, as well as being in fantastic venues, South of France, Riva etc. We never manage to do as much training as we plan….

      5) Your previous sailing partner was Carl Smit, this year you teamed up with Rob Woefel, how did that come to pass?

      Carl is my regular crew, however he decided that Kiel would be a light event and he didn’t want to do it. He lives on the East Coast at the moment and Rob regularly steps in for him. We did the Worlds in France together in ’12 so we are fairly well practiced together.

      6) What went right for you this year?

      I think we probably sailed and raced more this year than anyone else, focused on our weaknesses and made sure we were fully prepared. We then just kept it simple. We had good around speed and managed to spend more time on the lifted tack!

      7) Conditions in Kiel overall?

      Cold wet and luckily breezy!

      8) It looked cold, and one would assume the Germans, which there were there in large numbers would have home field advantage,
      knowing th local currents and windshifts what was the mindset for this regatta, compared to say SC or SF?

      Local knowledge would certainly help, but it looked reasonably predictable, lots of dark clouds to focus on and getting on the race course early, focusing on the forecasts which were always very good and having a good plan helped us to erase their advantage.

      9) Are you and Rob looking to continue sailing together?

      I will be sailing the Worlds next year with Carl but Rob and I will certainly be doing many more events together.

      10) What would say to young, aspiring sailors, on what path they should follow to advance in the class?

      Racing 5O5’s at the top level is fantastic fun, the boats are fast, tunable and the racing is close and tactical. While boats are not cheap they hold their value well and make good ownership propositions. Don’t be intimidated by the competition, get out there and learn against some of the worlds best sailors. Keep it simple and enjoy.

      Thanks Mike,

      And again, congrats to you and Rob!
      " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery