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International Canoes: RYC Can You Canoe?

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  • International Canoes: RYC Can You Canoe?

    Report courtesy Seymour Dodds, RYC scribe at large

    It was a pretty close seven race series. Seattle boatbuilder Chris Maas
    eeked out a narrow one point victory over visiting Australian Hayden Virtue.
    In third was Erich Chase of Novato only three points out of first.

    The tail end of canoes can resemble old school pintail surboards

    Or the reverse transom of a spendy carbon ultralight

    These are not the kind of canoes you paddle along singing "Alouette." It's
    more like Mr Rogers asking "Can you say Carbon Fiber?" The sliding seat is
    just the beginning. Add in jibing dagger boards and a great big spaghetti
    pile of lines, self tacking jibs, reverse sheer, cruiser sterns, extreme
    catamaran-ish hulls and you start to get the picture.

    The art of gybing an IC is a personal thing

    Grace sometimes applys, sometimes not

    Top breeze in the long distance race hit 20 knots. Otherwise it was mostly
    in the low to mid teens for the buoy races hardly the demons worst stuff.

    East Coast, West Coast, Canada, pretty much everyone was represented

    Participants also came from as far away as Calgary, Canada and exotic Rhode

    A family the canoes togther, um, they're all smiles

    The big surprise was Erich Chase in 3rd. He hadn't been in a canoe in 7
    years. Erich sailed a brand new Chris Maas design which Chris delievered
    only a couple days before the NA's. They epoxied it together during a couple
    all nighters. It left the shop with a barely primed hull. Erich was the
    early series leader. He even won the "speed trials" where he hit an GPS
    measured 13.4 Not bad in a 17' canoe -- and it wasn't nuking either.

    Experience and treachory can only lead to good things

    Until the kid toss the ole man in the drink!

    Another surprise was the "youth" movement 29er star David Liebenberg, Mikie
    Radziejowski and Rhode Island's two Clark Brothers (of that famed Canoe
    sailing family) all competed and lost to the old farts.

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    Big thanks to Gail Yando of the Richmond Yacht Club for providing us with this video! ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~