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Pacific Rims Bring Out The 14's

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  • Pacific Rims Bring Out The 14's

    The Kaneohe Yacht Club played host to 22 teams of International 14's over the past 4 days
    for the 2018 Pacific Rims. Conditions varied from light and rainy to semi sunny with 15 -20 knot over 4 days of racing.

    The RC managed to squeeze in 9 races on the 1st 3 days and concluded the regatta with the Hawaiian State Championship
    Pursuit Race today, the boats at the bottom get a head start o help level the playing field.

    The Aussie duo of David Hayter and Shaun Thompson claimed top spot, edging out Dalton Bergan and Evan Sobsted with a tiebreaker,
    with Garrett Brown and Alex Throop taking 3rd.

    The 14's pack up and head to the San Francisco Bay now and will compete in the i14 Nationals at the St Francis at the end of May
    and then the Richmond Yacht Club for the Worlds in August!

    All pics © Lauren Easley

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    How many boats coming to SF?


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      70 plus is the latest estimate!


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        Official Report:

        Breaking (Sort Of)

        The 2018 Pasha Hawaii International Fourteen Pacific Rim Championship Regatta was hosted at Kaneohe Yacht Club from April 7th to the 10th. The event had three sponsors, Pasha Hawaii, a local environmentally aware ocean transportation company; Hawaiian Fine Furniture who provided beautiful hand carved Koa wood half-models for trophies; and the Global Sports Alliance ( who sponsored the EcoFlag program that promotes clean air and clean water through sporting events worldwide. This year’s event included sailors from the US, Australia, England, Italy, Sweden, and Canada. Most of them chartered local boats to augment the two containers that Pasha Hawaii sponsored enabling boats from California to participate.

        Youth Skiff Sail Training

        I-14 Pac Rim sailors collaborated with our sponsors to host a youth sail training component on April 8th. This year it was bigger than ever. The wind was a steady 8 knots. Youth sailors from three Yacht Clubs across the island of Oahu participated. Pasha Hawaii arranged for two television spots with youth interviews on TV news. This statewide exposure of youth sailing, and sailboat racing in general made it possible for the public to come out and see the competition as well as join in the training event. Our sponsor Pasha Hawaii and Laurie Lagrange’s efforts have enhanced exposure of performance dinghy sailing in Hawaii and enabled youth sailors to ride in world class performance racing dinghies.

        PAC RIM Racing

        Regatta Chair Andy Bates also was the PRO for this year’s event. Clark Fremgen helped with scoring from Wisconsin where he and his family now live. He had previously been the PRO for this event for 9 years. The team of KYC volunteers did a tremendous job setting courses in a shifting breeze during the first tw

        o days of sailing. The racing started and finished as scheduled and all nine races were completed as planned. Volunteers in

        cluded float boat drivers Brad Cole, Eric Arens and Jeff on the float boat, new KYC members Leslie Weston, Art Larin and Richard Argall and Molly Noble on the weather mark set boat, Bob Stephenson and Kai Andrade on the “crash boat” and Helena Von Sydow, Karen Lazzarti from HKBC and Tom Larin working with Andy Bates on the Pop Gillette. Our Judges were Mike Roth and his son Max and Jesse Andrews.

        Day One

        Day one saw a southwest front hang over the bay all day. The front stopped the trade winds from breaking through and rained on the competitors on and off all day. After an hour postponement the race committee called the sailors out to the course and set a once around

        windward/leeward course in 2-4 kts of southwest breeze. After a clean start the fleet beat up to Coconut Island where the wind became very light. Kris Henderson and Martin Fabiansson started at the committee boat end of the line and sailed to the left side of the course arriving with four other boats about the same time. Kris and Martin got a “private puff” and broke away from the pack to finish first a long way ahead of Garrett Brown and Alex Throop who finished a distant second place. The rest of the Fleet mixed up places down the shifty run. Dalton Bergan was third and Brad Ruetenik pulled out a fourth place on the final leg home. The Race Committee sent the fleet back to KYC in a 2kts rainy breeze.

        Day 2

        The Race Committee had to make-up two lost races from Day 1. Four races were sailed in a steady 5-8kts breeze that built to 8kts in race three and died to 3 kts in race four. Garret Brown and Alex Throop were extremely quick in the light air and played the shifts well to move up to the top of the fleet with 17 points. Dalton Bergan and crew Evan Sjostedt also demonstrated lots of speed in the light breeze and were in second place with 18 points at the end of 5 races. Some of the fleet got caught on the wrong side of the 20-degree shifts downwind and lost places after working well up the beats. The races were Windward/Leeward with one race finishing downwind. The racing was closely contested in the top 5 places with lots of lead changes.

        Day 3

        Day 3 saw a return of the typical tradewinds. Four races were run in a building 6-15kts NNE breeze. The breeze built during the day and died to 8kts for race four. Australians Dave Hayter and Shaun Thompson were in their element in the stronger breeze. They were clearly quicker up and down the course. Garrett Brown and Alex Troupe were called over early in race three. Returned, restarted, and sailed an amazing race to finish 6th after giving the entire fleet a big head start!

        The final race was a three-lap race that came down to the final beat back to the finish. Dalton and Evan had to put one boat between them and Aussies Dave and Shaun to win the series. At the final leeward mark Dalton led the race and Dave was in 4th place. After trading tacks up the right side of the course Dave just beat Terry Gleeson and JP Barnes to the finish to take second place. That meant there was tie; 26 point each. Dave and Shaun won on the tiebreaker. After nine races that all counted in the scoring the series was won on the last leg of the last race!!! There were only three general recalls in the three-day event and the sailors all sailed clean and fair. The top five boats raced closely throughout the nine race series. This is Dave Hayter’s second PAC RIM win. Congrats’ to Dave and Shaun who sailed a chartered boat.

        In the Female, Senior and Classic divisions the races were closely contested. Katie Nurton and crew Kevin Rogers were first in the Female division and Simona Saccani was first female crew. Local sailors Tom Pochereva and Yovo Stefanov won the Classic division. Dominic and Simona representing the British fleet were a close second and new Hawaii Fleet members Collin Weston and Maddy Kennedy were third. Special Thanks to James Clarkson and Joshua for coming with their Beiker 3 to Hawaii to race in the Classic Division. Kris Bundy and Jamie Hanseler (Former World Champions) reunited for this event, and won the Senior division.

        The awards banquet featured young fire dancers and Hula dancers from the Radford High School youth program. These young performers did an amazing job of “safely” entertaining the crowd. The performers ranged in age from 8 to 13 years old. 14ers and their families joined in and learned the basic elements of fire dancing well into the evening.

        Hawaii State Championships

        The annual I-14 Hawaii State Championship long distance pursuit race started from the KYC bulkhead. There were 18 boats started based on finishes in the PAC RIM series. This race is not counted in the PAC RIM series. The fleet started at 11:00AM, in a building 10-14kts north by northeast breeze. Four Boats from the front and middle of the fleet converged at Coconut Island after a 20 mile course that went from the bulkhead around Coconut Island, out the Sampan channel to R2, down to the shipping channel (Chinaman’s Hat) where the fleet entered into the channel at G3 and finished at the club line. UH sailors Michael Pacholski and Cole Brauer sailed an amazing race finishing second to Kris Henderson and Leith Shenstone. The UH sailors relinquished the lead to Kris and Leith at Coconut Island but were able to beat Channing Hamlet and Peter Stanton who finished third and Katie Nurton and Kevin Rogers who finished fourth place. Michael and Cole sailed in a 1995 vintage I-14 without rudder foils. These four boats had separated from the main fleet. This is the second Hawaii State Championship Kris has won. Well Done.

        “Thanks” to the staff and members who welcomed the guests from around the world to our club. Everyone was gracious, kind, and professional in the Aloha spirit we cherish at KYC.
        " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

 Photo Gallery