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Team Racing Completed @ 2018 I-14 Worlds

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  • Team Racing Completed @ 2018 I-14 Worlds

    Monday and Tuesday August 13th & 14th saw the 1st days of the 61 boat strong International 14’s hosted by the Richmond Yacht Club get underway in earnest with a series of races to determine the top teams at this years event. According to P.R.O. Del Olsen, the team racing event date back to the 1930’s when it was the pinnacle of team racing between nations and was intended as a goodwill and comradery builder, with free sharing of skills and technology between teams of various nations.

    With nations picking teams of 4 boats willing to sail and possibly damage themselves or their somewhat delicate boats in the competition, Australia, Great Britain, Canada, The USA all fielded 1 team of 4 boats each, with Germany fielding 8 boats or two teams.

    images courtesy RYC Racing and Media Propoganda

    The format works like this. Each team of 4 would sail against another team of 4 until all teams had competed against one another. At the end of the day, the 4 teams with the lowest combined score would advance to the semi finals. In the semi finals, the #1 team would compete against the #4 teams in the best of 3 races, as would the # 2 & number #3 teams. Got that?

    After the round robin, Great Britain would be number 1, with Australia 2nd, USA 3rd and Team Germany 2nd.
    In semi final 1, Great Britain would eliminate Germany 2 nil and in semi finale 2, Australia would hold on to beat Team USA 2-1. Great Britain would go on to win the final over Australia 2-0 to go completely through the team racing without a single loss….
    Today is a lay day, and for many teams an opportunity to get some rest, or practice, or fix broken bits. Thursday is the scheduled practice race, where depending on conditions, teams may sail all, or part or none of the course. It doesn’t count.
    All the marbles come out of the bag on Friday for the 1st race that counts, the courses held between Southampton, Angel Island, Treasure Island and Berkeley Circle will be in the 1.5 hour range with a combine windward leeward leg and a large triangle. 1 Race a day as per the class charter. The racing will continue through Friday Aug 24th for a total of 7 races with a scheduled layday on August 21.

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    Looks like the place to be for next week is RYC!


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      Go Chad & Philipp!